Semester fee and registration

At the beginning of each semester you must pay the semester fee and register on Studentweb in order to retain your right to study at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

1. Log in to Studentweb

You can log in to Studentweb either with Feide (username and password), Norwegian national identity number and PIN-code or through ID-porten/MinID.

In order to log in with Feide you need to have student account at KHiO.

2. Pay the semester fee

On the Studentweb homepage you’ll find a link to an invoice with details for payment of the semester fee.

The semester fee amounts to 640 NOK, of which NOK 600 goes to the Welfare Organisation for Students in Oslo - SiO, and NOK 40 to the Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund (SAIH). If you do not wish to support SAIH’s work towards education in southern Africa, Latin America and Asia, you can deduct 40 NOK from the fee.

You pay the semester fee as a bank transfer from your own internet banking.

It may take a few days before the payment is registered in KHiO’s system and becomes visible in Studentweb.

Deadlines for paying the semester fee:

Autumn semester: 10th September
Spring semester: 10th February

3. Start the registration

As soon as we have received your payment, you can register for the semester.
Click the green button to start the semester registration and proceed through all the steps.

Deadline for semester registration in Studentweb:

Autumn semester: 12th September
Spring semester: 12th February

Please note:

  • Ensure that you have completed and passed the courses that are in your study plan.
  • It is your responsibility to follow up on your study plan, and ensure that you are following the courses you are supposed to in order to complete your programme and receive your degree. If you see a mistake in your study plan, please contact the student advisor at your department. 
  • Please bear in mind that if you do not complete enough study points per year, this could have consequences for your student loan with Lånekassen (

You will not receive your student loan or be given access to student services until you have completed the semester registration.

4. Download the Student ID app Studentbevisapp

To make use of student discounts you need to download the Student ID app. The app works as a valid student ID once you have completed the semester registration and the paid semester fee is registered in KHiO’s system. The Student ID app works alongside the student card, which can be used as an access card and to borrow books from the library.

5. Receiving your student loan from Lånekassen

If you have applied for a student loan from Lånekassen, the loan will be transferred to your account once the semester registration has been completed and the semester fee paid. Lånekassen will receive a receipt and message confirming that you are an active student at KHiO.

You will not receive your student loan until Lånekassen has received the receipt from KHiO.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the semester fee?

The semester fee of 600 NOK per semester is imposed by law and contributes towards financing the welfare services of the Student Welfare Organisation of Oslo and Akershus (SiO). The semester fee is obligatory for all students.

The SAIH-tenners are a voluntary contribution of 40 NOK per semester that go towards the Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund. The SAIH-tenners are a voluntary contribution, and if you do not wish to pay them you deduct 40 NOK from your payment.

How do I change my name in Studentweb?

Send an email to and include valid documentation of your name change. Valid documentation includes passport, bankcard, driver’s license or a confirmation of your name change from the National Registry / Tax Administration.

How do I change my address?

You are free to update your address in Studentweb. Click your name in the top right corner and choose ‘My profile’. Type in the new address.

I have a new national identity number. What shall I do?

Send an email to and include valid documentation of your national identity number. When we have received valid documentation we will register the changes in our systems. Valid documentation includes: passport, bankcard, driver’s license or a confirmation of your number from the National Registry / Tax Administration.

I have paid the semester fee, but it is not registered in Studentweb.

If it has been over a week since you paid the semester fee, and the payment still isn’t showing as registered in Studentweb, you should contact KHiO. Send a receipt/print-screen showing that you paid to from your student email. Remember to include your student number and your full name.

If you have paid the semester fee without using KID (customer identification number), to the correct account number, this will normally be discovered internally and registered manually.

I wish to pay my semester fee from abroad.

Use IBAN and BIC/SWIFT if you are paying from abroad (from a foreign bank account).

Please note that if you are paying the semester fee from abroad it may take up to three weeks for your payment to be registered at KHiO, and may incur additional charges from your bank when making the transfer.

I am a student at several institutions.

You only need to pay the semester fee at one institution, even if you are a student at several. The guiding rule is that to pay the semester fee at the institution where you will be based this semester.

If you are paying the semester fee at a different institution, this must be registered at KHiO. 

Send an email to with documentation showing that you have paid the semester fee within the deadline, in order for the payment to be registered at KHiO.

I am on leave of absence. Do I still have to pay the semester fee?

You are not required to pay the semester fee, nor confirm your study plan, for the semester you have been granted leave of absence from.

The exception to this is if you are on maternity leave. You may then choose whether you would like to pay the fee and register.

If you wish to take an exam during your leave of absence you must also pay and register for the semester.

I have paid the semester fee, but will not be studying at KHiO after all. Can I get the semester fee and SAIH-tenners refunded?

Yes, you can get the semester fee and SAIH-tenners refunded by:

  • Notifying the KHiO administration that you have dropped out of the study programme and ensure that potential course registrations are withdrawn.
  • Having paid the semester fee at a different institution. 

Send an application with reasons for your wish to be refunded to

If you have any other questions than those listed above, please contact:

Teaching schedule

TimeEdit is the Academy's system for timetables and room reservations. 

TimeEdit is the Academy's system for timetables and room reservations.

You will find your timetable in TimeEdit.

By following the link above, you will be taken to an overview page. Now you can choose your department and look up the schedule for your study program and year group. In addition, you can make an individual search by clicking on Avansert søk. Here you may, for example, search for employees, rooms, subject.

In several places at the school there are also terminals where you can do your own searches.

If you want to book a room or gallery, please contact the student adviser at your Department. Workshops can be booked by the person responsible for workshops.

Publishing of timetables

The full schedule for the Autumn semester is published in Time Edit.

The Academy plans for students and staff to be on campus almost to the same extent as before the corona epidemic. This means that students and staff can access the campus to almost the same extent as before, with some adaptation to infection prevention considerations (see information further down the page). This means, for example, some theory teaching will take place digitally.

Questions regarding timetables and room reservations

For further questions or support, please send an e-mail to

Leave of absence

Certain situations may require you to take a leave of absence from your studies.

  • A student who has a child during his or her studies is entitled to a leave of absence during pregnancy and to provide care for their children, cf. section 4.5 of the University and University College Act.
  • Sick leave.
  • Other grounds for leave include carrying out demanding duties for student organisations or performing military service or national service when the National Service Administration, or a corresponding authority, does not grant a deferral/ exemption.
  • In exceptional cases, leave may be granted for other reasons than those mentioned above, following a specific recommendation from the academic leadership at your programme. 

Due to the coronavirus there may be other reasons to apply for leave of absence than those mentioned above. In most cases, we will be able to solve this by finding special needs arrangements for you. If this is not feasible in your case, it will be possible to apply for leave of absence if you work for the health services, health reasons other than those mentioned above, a child care obligation, illness/death in the family, or other particular reasons that make it difficult to complete your exams.

Leave is granted for either a semester or a year, depending on the programme the student is attending. In exceptional cases, shorter or longer leaves may be granted. For instance, if you are granted leave of absence the Fall Semester of 2020 this means that you will resume your studies the Fall Semester of 2021.

Please remember: 

  • Your right to study and take exams is suspended while you are on leave. 
  • Courses and programmes may be changed in such a way that may make it harder to adapt once you return from leave. 
  • It will not always be possible to continue your studies immediately upon your return. 
  • As far as is practically possible, however, the Academy will assist you in resuming your studies as quickly as possible.

Required documentation  
Use the following form when applying for leave: Application for a Leave of Absence.

Documentation is required:

  • Sick leave/other health reasons/ illness or death in the family require a medical certificate.
  • Leave due to child care obligations require a birth certificate.
  • Work in the health services must be documented with a work certificate.

If you apply for leave on the basis of a specific recommendation from the academic leadership at your programme or for other particular reasons that make it difficult to complete the exam, the application must be well-founded.

Send your application to with the subject line “Studieseksjonen/søknad om permisjon” (“Section of Academic Affairs/Application for a leave of absence”).

Students are personally responsible for giving notice of their return to school no later than by 1 May when resuming their studies in August, and by 1 November when resuming their studies in January.

Failure to give notice may lead to the student no longer being entitled to study at the Academy.

Please contact the student adviser at your department is you have any questions.

Postponed start of studies

Postponed start of studies applies to those who have received and accepted an offer of admission to the programme, but who is prevented from starting in the semester they have been admitted.

Reasons for postponed start of studies

You can apply to postpone the start of your studies on the basis of:

  • Illness
  • Childbirth/adoption
  • Military service
  • Other weighty reasons
  • Due to the coronavirus situation, it will be possible to apply for postponed start of studies from autumn 2020 to autumn 2021. This applies to international students who are not granted entry to Norway.

Required documentation

The application is to be documented. Valid documentation may be a notice from a medical practitioner, birth certificate, or confirmation of your expected date of delivery, or proof of military service.

Submitting application and documentation

Send your application to or to Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, Postboks 6853 St. Olavs plass, 0130 Oslo.

Please note! Sensitive documentation such as a medical certificate is to be sent by post.

The deadline to apply for postponed start of studies is 3 weeks from the date you received the offer of admission. 

International students that apply on grounds of the coronavirus situation may apply until the start of the semester 17th of August.

What do you do to start your studies after the postponement?

Students who have been granted postponed start of studies will not be registered as a student and must not pay semester fees nor register for the semester.

You need to register for the study programme again by the application deadline for the next admission in order to retain your place. You do this in the Application Portal Søknadsweb. Please note that you only need to register for admission, you do not need to re-upload your documentation. Leave a comment in the Application Portal Søknadsweb that you have a guaranteed study place.

You are guaranteed a study place as long as you follow the ordinary admission procedures.


Please contact your student adviser for admissions if you have any questions concerning application for postponed start of studies.

Special needs provision

You can apply for your studies and your exams to be adapted if you have a disability or a medical condition that leaves you at a substantial disadvantage. Such adaptations shall seek to compensate for the disadvantages engendered by the student’s disability or medical condition.

Due to the coronavirus there may be other reasons to apply for special needs arrangements than those mentioned above. This may include childcare obligations, being a graduating student in a risk group, work for the health services, or that you are abroad. During our current situation, a special needs arrangement may involve getting extended submission deadlines, postponed exams, digital lessons rather than attendance, etc.

The special needs provision shall not be so extensive that it gives you an advantage compared with other students. Students shall have their skills and knowledge tested on a par with the other students, pursuant to the requirements laid down in the curriculum.

This means you will not automatically be granted the adaptations you request.

Examples of special needs that may give grounds for individual adaptation:

  • ADHD
  • Asperger's syndrome
  • Impaired movement
  • Dyslexia or other reading and writing difficulties
  • Psychosocial difficulties (e.g. anxiety and depression)
  • Visual impairment or blindness
  • Hearing difficulties or deafness

See also information about adapting exams for special needs.

Required documentation
The need for special needs provision must be attested to by a doctor or other relevant expert. The “Doctor’s or Expert’s Statement” form must be attached to the application for it to be processed. The doctor or expert must provide a brief assessment of the condition’s or disability’s scope and duration, and indicate its consequences for your ability to study. Applications for special needs provision on the grounds of reading and writing difficulties will require an extensive report from an expert.

If you apply for a special needs arrangements due to the coronavirus situation the application must be well-founded.

Use the form Application for Special Needs Provision at School.

Contact the Academy as early as possible during the semester. You can contact the senior executive officer at your department for guidance.

An application for special needs provision should be sent to with the subject line “Studieseksjonen/Søknad om tilrettelegging i studiehverdagen” (“Section of Academic Affairs/Application for special needs provision at school”). All enquiries shall be treated in confidence.

Please contact the student adviser at your department is you have any questions.


At the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, the term “exam” refers to a written, practical and/or oral test or other type of assessment of the student’s knowledge and skills that underlies his or her final grade on their diploma or that serves as part of the basis for calculating a grade on the diploma.

An exam or test may be carried out as a production, exhibition, showing, task, written test, practical test, oral test or completion of a work/portfolio, or a combination of these forms.

Click on the links below for more information:

On the relevant pages above you will find application forms for Adapting Exams for Special Needs, Extended Deadlines and Absence from an Exam.

Student Exchange

Important information regarding exchange spring 2021!

Oslo National Academy of the Arts encourages all students to go on an exchange during their time of study. You have the option of doing part of your education at another institution of higher education abroad. An exchange must last for at least 3 months. Ask Academic Affairs for help and guidance.

How do I apply for exchange?

We recommend you to start thinking of your exchange as early as possible, as the process can take some time. Master students in particular have a small window during their study where an exchange is feasible, so you should start thinking about doing an exchange almost as soon as you arrive at KHiO. Please consult the curriculum of your study program to find out when you are able to go on an exchange. 

  1. First you need to apply KHiO for a pre-approval of your exchange. You can apply to more than one school. The deadline has been extended till 1 October. If your application for a pre-approval is granted, KHiO will notify the schools that you intend to apply.
  2. You can then send the application to your desired destination. The application requirements may vary from school to school. It is your responsibility to ensure that the application meets the requirements and to keep track of the deadlines, which will also vary. Have a look at the website of your host school and read carefully what they expect from you. Usually an application consists of an application form, portfolio, CV, letter of motivation and a letter of recommendation, but not always.

Please ask Academic Affairs for help and guidance when you are thinking of going on an exchange.

Inter-institutional agreements

KHiO has signed inter-institutional agreements with many academies and universities throughout the world, facilitating student exchange. We are participating in the Erasmus+ and Nordplus programmes, which give our students the possibility of financing their stay abroad. An inter-institutional agreement means that you do not have to pay tuition fees, and eases the recognition process at home.

Here is the list of inter-institutional agreements.

When you are going on an exchange

There is a lot to keep track of when you are going on an exchange. Find out what you need to take care of before, during and after your exchange.

Diploma and transcript of records

You can request a transcript of records when needed, whereas a Diploma is only issued once you have completed your programme of study.

Diploma for completed study programme

 When you have completed a study programme, your diploma is issued automatically. If you are awarded a degree, you will also receive an English-language diploma supplement.

Diploma authentication

If employers or others doubt the authenticity of a KHiO diploma, they can ask to have the diploma authenticated.

Lost diploma?

If your diploma has been permanently lost, you can apply to have a duplicate of your diploma issued.

Confirmation of Student Status

When you need a confirmation of you student status, you can use your digital Student ID, share results from Diploma Registry, transcript of records or diplomas.

The following confirms your student status:

  • The semester receipt confirms that you are student this semester and that you have paid the semester fee.
  • The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund will automatically be notified that you are registered as a student and which examinations you have taken.
  • You can share your results from the Diploma Registry (subject, semester, credits and grades) with others. If you need the results on paper, you can order a transcript in Studentweb.
  • Degree - if you have received a diploma, you have a confirmation of your degree.

Do you still need a student status letter? You can now order a digital confirmation in Studentweb.

Log on to Studentweb . Click on "More" and "Orders".

You will receive a PDF-document confirming that you are a student at KHiO. It also shows information about your study program, and start and expected graduation date. 

It takes appr. 10 minutes to produce the PDF-document with a digital signature. When the transcript is ready you will find it in the menu option "Documents" under Studentweb.

Transcript of records

Transcript of records shows the results in all passed subjects at KHiO. 

You can share your results digitally from the Diploma registry, or you can order a digital or paper transcript through Studentweb.  

Order a transcript of your grades in Studentweb

You can order a transcript whenever you like through Studentweb.

Click on the "More"-icon from the top menu, then choose "Orders".

When choosing "Transcript of paper", and the the transcript will be sent to your semester residential address. Please make sure that you address is updated. You can change your address by clicking on "My profile".

When choosing "Transcrip of records with digital signature", your transcript will be available appr. 10 min after you have ordered it. You can read and download it from "Documents" in Studentweb. 

Share your results digitally from the Diploma registry

You can order a transcript or share your results from the Diploma registry. Remember that you must have a Norwegian Identification number for log on to the Diploma registry.