Semester fee and registration

Every semester you must pay the semester fee and register on Studentweb to keep your right to study at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts.


Pay the semester fee

10 September for the autumn semester
10 February for the spring semester

Register for the semester

12 September for the autumn semester
12 February for the spring semester


Log on to Studentweb

On Studentweb you will find your invoice for the semester fee. You must pay this in your own bank. Remember the correct amount in NOK and the due date. 

When using a Norwegian bank you must also remember your KID-number and our bank account number. When using an international bank you must make shure to use our IBAN/SWIFT. If somebody else pays the invoice for you, remind them to include your name as a comment to the payment.

After a few days (might take longer from international banks and in July) you'll see on Studentweb that the invoice is paid, and you can complete the semester registration.

You log on using your regular IT-account at KHiO (also called FEIDE-account).

Student ID

StudentbevisappAfter you have paid and registered you can start using the Student ID-app.
(Contact the reception if you still prefer a sticker to your physical student ID card/key card.)

With valid Student ID you can

  • participate in classes, recieve tutoring and take exams
  • get access to the Academy's buildings
  • use the Academy's network and IT-services
  • borrow from the library and the equipment storage
  • get access to welfare services from The Student Welfare Organisation of Oslo and Akershus (SiO)
  • recieve student discounts

About the semester fee

The semester fee is 600 NOK every semester and finances The Student Welfare Organisation of Oslo and Akershus (SiO). The semester fee is required by law and obligatory for all students. Payment must be recieved by KHiO before you can register for the semester on Studentweb.

You can voluntary contribute to the Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund (SAIH). If you do not wish to support SAIH, deduct 40 NOK from the total amount of your invoice in Studentweb.

About semesterregistration

Registering for the semester on Studentweb is obligtory and you must complete the following steps:

  • You must confirm that you have read and accepted the rules and regulations at the Academy.
  • You must confirm your individual education plan for this semester - meaning what courses you will be following and what exams you will be taking. If there are errors in your  individual education plan you must contact your local student adviser.
  • You must confirm your contact information.

Please contact if you experience problems or have further questions.

Teaching schedule

TimeEdit is the Academy's system for timetables and room reservations. 

You will find your timetable in TimeEdit.

In addition, you can make an individual search by clicking on Avansert søk

If you want to book a room or gallery, please contact the student adviser at your Department. Workshops can be booked by the responsible person for workshops.

Publishing of timetables

Timetables for the Autumn term will be published by 15 June.

Timetables for the spring term will be published by 15 December.

Questions regarding timetables and room reservations

For further questions or support, please send an e-mail to

Leave of absence

Certain situations may require you to take a leave of absence from your studies.

  • A student who has a child during his or her studies is entitled to a leave of absence during pregnancy and to provide care for their children, cf. section 4.5 of the University and University College Act.
  • Sick leave requires a medical certificate.
  • Other grounds for leave include carrying out demanding duties for student organisations or performing military service or national service when the National Service Administration, or a corresponding authority, does not grant a deferral/ exemption.
  • In exceptional cases, leave may be granted for other reasons than those mentioned above, following a specific recommendation from the academic leadership at your programme. The recommendation must be attached to the application.

Leave is granted for either a semester or a year, depending on the programme the student is attending. In exceptional cases, shorter or longer leaves may be granted.

Your right to study and take exams is suspended while you are on leave. Moreover, courses and programmes may be changed in such a way that may make it harder to adapt once you return from leave. It will not always be possible to continue your studies immediately upon your return. As far as is practically possible, however, the Academy will assist you in resuming your studies as quickly as possible.

Required documentation  
Use the following form when applying for leave: Application for a Leave of Absence.

Send your application to with the subject line “Studieseksjonen/søknad om permisjon” (“Section of Academic Affairs/Application for a leave of absence”).

Sick leave additionally requires a medical certificate.

Students are personally responsible for giving notice of their return to school no later than by 1 May when resuming their studies in August, and by 1 November when resuming their studies in January.

Failure to give notice may lead to the student no longer being entitled to study at the Academy.

Special needs provision

You can apply for your studies and your exams to be adapted if you have a disability or a medical condition that leaves you at a substantial disadvantage. Such adaptations shall seek to compensate for the disadvantages engendered by the student’s disability or medical condition.

The special needs provision shall not be so extensive that it gives you an advantage compared with other students. Students shall have their skills and knowledge tested on a par with the other students, pursuant to the requirements laid down in the curriculum.

This means you will not automatically be granted the adaptations you request.

Examples of special needs that may give grounds for individual adaptation:

  • ADHD
  • Asperger's syndrome
  • Impaired movement
  • Dyslexia or other reading and writing difficulties
  • Psychosocial difficulties (e.g. anxiety and depression)
  • Visual impairment or blindness
  • Hearing difficulties or deafness

See also information about adapting exams for special needs.

Required documentation
The need for special needs provision must be attested to by a doctor or other relevant expert. The “Doctor’s or Expert’s Statement” form must be attached to the application for it to be processed. The doctor or expert must provide a brief assessment of the condition’s or disability’s scope and duration, and indicate its consequences for your ability to study. Applications for special needs provision on the grounds of reading and writing difficulties will require an extensive report from an expert.

Use the form Application for Special Needs Provision at School.

Contact the Academy as early as possible during the semester. You can contact the senior executive officer at your department for guidance.

An application for special needs provision should be sent to with the subject line “Studieseksjonen/Søknad om tilrettelegging i studiehverdagen” (“Section of Academic Affairs/Application for special needs provision at school”). All enquiries shall be treated in confidence.

To find the contact information for the department’s senior executive officer, please see the Canvas room for your department and the list of staff and their areas of responsibility.


At the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, the term “exam” refers to a written, practical and/or oral test or other type of assessment of the student’s knowledge and skills that underlies his or her final grade on their diploma or that serves as part of the basis for calculating a grade on the diploma.

An exam or test may be carried out as a production, exhibition, showing, task, written test, practical test, oral test or completion of a work/portfolio, or a combination of these forms.

Click on the links below for more information:

On the relevant pages above you will find application forms for Adapting Exams for Special Needs, Extended Deadlines and Absence from an Exam.

Diploma and transcript of records

Karakterutskrift kan du bestille ved behov, mens vitnemål utstedes når du har fullført et studieprogram.

Diploma for completed study programme

 When you have completed a study programme, your diploma is issued automatically. If you are awarded a degree, you will also receive an English-language diploma supplement.

Transcript of records

You can share your results digitally from the Diploma registry or order a transcript on paper in Studentweb.

Diploma authentication

If employers or others doubt the authenticity of a KHiO diploma, they can ask to have the diploma authenticated.

Lost diploma?

If your diploma has been permanently lost, you can apply to have a duplicate of your diploma issued.