Adapting an exam for special needs

If you have a disability or a health issue that would entail a substantial disadvantage during an exam, you may apply to have the exam adapted to your needs.

Such adaptation seeks to compensate for the disadvantages the student’s disability/ medical condition causes during an exam. Even so, all students shall be tested at an equal level. The special needs provision shall not be so extensive that it gives you an advantage compared with other students.

Adaptation may be implemented as physical measures and/or extended examination time.

Required documentation
The need for special needs provision must be attested to by a doctor or other relevant expert. Their assessment must explain exactly why the exam must be adapted to accommodate your needs.

Use the form: Application for Adapting an Exam for Special Needs.

The applcation should be send to with the subject line “Studieseksjonen/Søknad om tilrettelegging av eksamen” (“Section of Academic Affairs/Application for adapting an exam for special needs”).

3 weeks before the exam.

If you become acutely ill or injured after the application deadline, you must contact the Section of Academic Affairs at the department as soon as possible.