Artistic research is part of the job description for academic staff at KHiO, and the Academy strives to bring visibility to the results of this work.

The outcomes of the research are documented and published in the digital catalogues Cristin and Khioda.


At the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, the subject area of the Arts encompasses the disciplines of design, opera, theatre, dance, art and craft, and fine art.

Khioda is the academy’s own institutional repository, where the outcomes of research are published and made available. The archive also registers artistic doctoral work, as well as graduation projects at the Master’s level. As a rule, the publications are Open Access, but they are sometimes restricted for reasons of privacy or other concerns.

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Published results per discipline



Art and craft

Fine art



Research projects

Cristin (Current research information system in Norway) is a national research information system that collects and publicises information about Norwegian research.

Active and finished research projects (by staff members at KHiO)

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Doctoral projects

The outcomes of artistic doctoral projects at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts are published and made available in the Academy’s own digital archive, Khioda.

Active and finished doctoral projects

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