Fra Ane Thon Knutsens arbeid med sitt ph.d.-prosjekt.

PhD in Artistic Research

Doctoral education at Oslo National Academy of the Arts is a three-year full-time study programme, 180 credits, which leads to a PhD in artistic research. The subject areas for the PhD at The Oslo National Academy of the Arts are art and craft, dance, design, fine art, opera and theatre. The education gives the candidate knowledge, expertise and competence in accordance with the Norwegian Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning (NQF). The study programme is practice-based. The candidate has access to relevant and qualified supervision in dialogue with an active community of peers and colleagues operating according to international standards.

Artistic practice is at the core of the artistic PhD result. At the same time, the artistic practice is to be accompanied by an explicit reflection, which, when the project is presented, grants others access into the working methods and insights that emerge from the artistic research.

The study programme consists of training component courses (30 ECTS credits) and independent artistic research, that is, the artistic PhD project (150 credits). Courses and the artistic PhD project are required to operate according to advanced professional standards. The artistic PhD project is expected to be at a level of national and international relevance.

The doctoral study programme is the parallel within artistic disciplines to third cycle science-based research training and qualifies for artistic practice and artistic research at a national and international level. Additionally, the competence is relevant to other societal functions where in-depth competence with artistic research is required. In addition to its relevance within the arts, competence at this level will be sought after in public administration, universities and colleges and in the industry.

PhD research fellow positions and admissions

PhD in artistic research

Application deadline: To be announced

Note that you must download the PDF and save it on your computer before you begin filling in the form.

In order to be admitted to the PhD programme, the applicant must usually, at a minimum, have a performing and/or creative Master’s degree within the discipline in question, cf. the second cycle of the Norwegian Qualifications Framework.

Video from the information meeting about the PhD programme 4 December 2018.

For more information about the PhD programme, please contact Senior Advicer Therese Veier, e-mail:

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Current Research Fellows

Research Fellow graduates

Merete Røstad

Merete Røstad defended her PhD thesis in 2019. Read more about Røstad's prosjekt.

Franz Petter Schmidt

Franz Petter Schmidt defended his thesis in 2018. Read more about Schmidt's project.

Jesper Alvær

Jesper Alvær defended his thesis in 2017. Read more about Alværs project.

Yuka Oyama

Yuka Oyama defended her thesis in 2017. Read more about Oyamas project.

Geir Tore Holm

Geir Tore Holm defended his thesis in 2017. Read more about Holms project.

Eva-Cecilie Richardsen

Eva-Cecilie Richardsen defended her thesis in 2016.

Siri Hermansen

Siri Hermansen defended her thesis in 2016.

Birgitte Appelong

Birgitte Appelong defended her thesis in 2016.

Andreas Bunte

Andreas Bunte defended his thesis in 2016.

Annelise Bothner-By

Annelise Bothner-By defended her thesis in 2015

Njål Sparbo

Njål Sparbo defended his thesis in 2014.

Thomas Kvam

Thomas Kvam defended his thesis in 2014.

Andreas Siqueland

Andreas Siqueland defended his thesis in 2013.

Ane Hjort Guttu

Ane Hjort Guttu defended her thesis in 2013.

Marianne Heier

Marianne Heier defended her thesis in 2013.

Per Gunnar Eeg-Tverbakk

Per Gunnar Eeg-Tverbakk defended his thesis in 2012

Sara Margrethe Oskal

Sara Margrethe Oskal defended her thesis in 2010.

Tyra Tønnessen

Prosjekt: "Planlagt intuisjon, bevisste veier til det ubevisste" - en utvikling av Konstantin Stanislavskijs improvisasjonsmetoder.

Tyra Tønnessen defended her thesis in 2009.

Tone Hansen

Megamonstermuseum: The Art Sphere as a Public Arena

The fellowship project Megamonstermuseum: The Art Sphere as a Public Arena started in 2003 and has aimed to discuss the concept of the public and the changing notion of the public sphere, with the use of the art museum as a specific case study.

Tone Hansen defended her thesis in 2009.