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When you are going on an exchange

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There is a lot to keep track of when you are going on an exchange. Please read the following carefully to find out what you need to take care of before, during and after your exchange.

Semester fee

When you go on an exchange through one of the inter-institutional agreements of KHiO, you need to pay the semester fee to KHiO and complete the semester registration, even when you are staying abroad. When exchanging through Nordplus or Erasmus you should not be required to pay fees at the host institution. For other schools there may be other regulations.

Residence permit and visa

You may need a residence permit and/or visa. Consult the embassy of the host country for more information.


Most schools offer help with finding accommodation. Contact your host institution and ask for help.


You must have proper insurance when going on an exchange. When you go to an EU/EEA/Switzerland, we recommend you to bring The European Health Insurance Card.

The European Health Insurance Card only covers health services, and not for example repatriation, nor contents or your belongings. You should therefore make sure you have proper travel insurance and content insurance. ANSA - The Association for Norwegian Students Abroad - offers insurance geared towards students and exchange students. No matter which insurance you choose, you should read the terms carefully. Most insurances are only valid for 30 days unless you sign on for additional time.

 When going on an internship there are additional requirements. Please contact Academic Affairs if you are going on an internship.

Credits and Transcript of records

As a main rule, you have to do a full semester at your host institution. This means that you should get credits equivalent to 30 ECTS.

When your mobility period is complete, you have to ask your host institution for a Transcript of Records. The credits will then be recognized as part of your degree, so please send this to KHiO as soon as possible.


Oslo National Academy of the Arts would like to see more students go on an exchange during their study. However, many choose or have no other practical choice than to travel by airplane when they travel to their destination for exchange. The transport sector, and planes in particular, are responsible for a large proportion of climate gas emissions. We believe that student exchange is beneficial to the students and to KHiO. We encourage all students to travel climate friendly.

For Erasmus students:

Erasmus logo

Online Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement is a contract between you, Oslo National Academy of the Arts and your host institution. The agreement contains information about which courses you are doing during you exchange, and which courses in your individual education plan at KHiO that is being replaced. The agreement must be signed by all three parties and is your guarantee that the credits you gain during your exchange are recognized as part of your degree at KHiO.

It is your responsibility that the Learning Agreement is filled in and signed by all parties. You will not receive your Erasmus grant unless the Learning Agreement is complete.

KHiO uses Online Learning Agreement (OLA)

  • OLA is initiated by KHiO and partially filled in by us
  • The Erasmus Dashboard will send your OLA to your email. In that email there is a link where you can register. Then you fill in the rest of the OLA yourself.
  • You must find your courses at your host institution and fill them in the OLA yourself.
  • You must also find the courses at KHiO that are to be replaced by your exchange and fill these in. You will find these courses in your individual education plan at Studentweb.
  • It is crucial that you fill in the correct contact person details for your host institution! This is usually the international coordinator.
  • The OLA is signed in the Erasmus Dashboard. Once you have signed, your OLA is sent to KHiO.
  • If the OLA is ok, the responsible person at KHiO will sign. The OLA is then sent automatically to the receivind institution for the final signature.

You will be notified by email when any party has signed. You can also follow the progress in the Erasmus Dashboard.

Please contact Academic Affairs if you need help or advice with the OLA.


If the host institution is unable to sign online and require the learning agreement on PDF or on paper, you can create the PDF yourself in the Erasmus Dashboard. You can then send a scanned copy with the three signatures to KHiO in order to complete your Learning Agreement.

Online Linguistic Support

Before you go you will receive an email with a link to a language test from Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support (OLS). The result of the test is not reported to anybody, it is merely meant as a help to you. If needed you will also receive an offer for an online language course. Once the stay is over you must take the language test again, to see if you have improved in the language of your host country.

If you are fluent in a Scandinavian language and go to another country in Scandinavia, or if you go to a country where your native tongue is spoken, you do not have to take the language test.

Erasmus grant

When you go on an exchange to a school that we have signed an Erasmus inter-institutional agreement with, you will also receive an Erasmus grant. The grant is currently at 410 or 460 per month, depending of your destination. Before you go you will receive a Grant Agreement. This is where you fill in your bank account information and insurance details. It is mandatory to have proper insurance coverage in order to receive the grant. The Grant Agreement should then be signed and returned to KHiO.

Before we can pay out the grant you must also:

  • fill in and sign the Online Learning Agreement
  • complete part 1 of the OLS language test (if required)
  • pay the semester fee and complete the semester registration

At the beginning of your stay you will receive 80% of the grant. The remaining 20% will be paid once:

  • the exchange has been completed
  • we have received a transcript of records
  • you have completed part 2 of the OLS language test (unless you scored C2 at part 1)
  • you have completed the Erasmus evaluation

The complete terms for the payment of the grant is found in the Grant Agreement.

If you are not a citizen of Norway, you also have to send us a copy of your passport.

Some students may be eligible for an additional grant. This applies to students with children below the age of 18, students with special needs or students who are going on an internship. Please ask Academic Affairs to enquire if this applies to you.

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education

The Erasmus Charter for students tells you which rights and obligations you have, and what you can expect from your home and host institutions before, during and after your Erasmus exchange.