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Victoria Rowena Browne

Victoria Browne graduated from Bower Ashton, University of the West of England in 2005. She has also studied in École supérieure des beaux-arts de Marseille and Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen.

Browne's art practice draws on methods of post-production and self-publishing to explore post-digital print processes. She is currently researching the intersection between hand carved reduction and CNC routed multi-plate printmaking. The culture of use has previously relied on print’s imitating properties to reproduce, repeat and multiply the original as copy material. Today in an era of post-production, Browne's artistic research attempts to re-interpret this definition, to master the qualities innate in print as a medium of creative expression and of recontexualisation.

Brownes artists’ books are held in international collections and after ten years representing European-based artists’ publishing as KALEID editions she recently established an academic framework to foster publishing as artistic practice at KhiO.

Studio research:
Publishing research:

CV - Victoria Browne


  • Artists' Publishing Photobooks: Christian Tunge (2020).
    Vitenskapelig foredrag. Les mer
  • Wo(rk)manship of Risk (2020).
    Kunstutstilling. Les mer
  • The Graphic Matrix as a Trace Carrier (2020).
    Vitenskapelig foredrag. Les mer
  • Multi-plate relief block hand-printing processes in European manufacturing of wallcoverings (2020).
    Faglig foredrag. Les mer
  • Training Nature: Multi-plate relief block hand-printing processes in European manufacturing of wallcoverings (2020).
    Visuell kunst. Les mer
  • #GOSH remixes (mimeograph print media) (2018).
    Annen presentasjon. Les mer
  • KALEID editions (Instagram) (2018).
    Nettsider (opplysningsmateriale). Les mer
  • #GOSH remixes (risograph print media) (2018).
    Museumsutstilling. Les mer
  • Print & Drawing Reading Group (Tumblr) (2018).
    Nettsider (opplysningsmateriale). Les mer
  • #GOSH Remix 4.1 (multi-block print media) (2018).
    Kunstutstilling. Les mer