Mona Pahle Bjerke has the last ten years been working as a radio critic at the National Norwegian Broadcast Corporation(NRK). She also holds a 30 % posistion as an assistant professor at the department of Design at KHiO.

Art and Craft Lectures: Mona Pahle Bjerke

Tegneskolen is the start of visual art education in Norway. Mona Pahle Bjerke will talk about Tegneskolen's eventful development through 200 years.

In my lecture "Tegneskolen 200 years" I will talk about Tegneskolens eventful development from a tiny provincial drawing school to an internationally oriented art academy. Our 200 anniversary provides an opportunity to highlight the interesting and proud history of this great institution.

Mona Pahle Bjerke
holds a 20 % posistion as an assistant professor at the department of design at KHIO. Bjerke is an art historian and an art critic. Since she graduated from the University of Oslo in spring 2003, she has been giving lectures on design and art history in different art schools, as well as writing reviews and articles about art and design, for a number of different norwegian magazines and newspapers. The last ten years she has been working as a radio critic at the national norwegian Broadcast Corporation,(NRK)

Art and Craft Lectures

Welcome to this series of cross-disciplinary lectures at the Art and Craft department. This lecture series highlights the breadth and depth of the art practices that the Art and Craft department encompasses. Each lecture will feature current issues pertaining to and spanning the five areas: Art and Public Space, Textile, Ceramics, Print and Drawing, Metal- and Jewellery Art.

Tegneskolen 200 år

Jubileumsfeiring i Oslo rådhus 10.oktober