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Photo: Sanghoon Lee
Photo: Sanghoon Lee

Avgang 2023: MA dance dance dance dance dance graduation festival at KHiO 2023

We, Emilie, Fie, Ingvild, Marlene, Marta and Oda, from the MA in Dance at KHiO are thrilled to invite you to this marathon of a dance festival between the 28th-31st of March 2023. The occasion is obvious: We will share our final master projects, and gather around each other’s performances with as many people as possible.

The festival program consists of five performances in total and will be shown between 5.30-9.15 pm. This means you can see it all in one day or casually divide the performances between the four days as you wish (but snacks will be provided). Notice that the order of the performances alternate every second day:

Tuesday 28th & Thursday 30th of March:
1: Marta - 5.30 pm, stage 1
2: Fie - 6.15 pm, stage 2
3: Ingvild - 7.00 pm, stage 1
4: Emilie & Marlene - 7.45 pm, stage 2
5: Oda - 8.45 pm, stage 1

Wednesday 29th & Friday 31st of March:
1: Marta - 5.30 pm, stage 1
2: Fie - 6.15 pm, stage 2
3: Oda - 7.00 pm, stage 1
4: Emilie+Marlene - 7.45 pm, stage 2
5: Ingvild - 8.45 pm, stage 1

The dry details:
Entrance is free of charge, but you need to book tickets for each individual performance through the link to each performance:

Marta Julia Kosieradzka: Home grown allure

Fie Dam Mygind: It’s Very Dramatic

Ingvild Bertelsen: Push Majeure

Emilie Marie Karlsen + Marlene Bonnesen: to the sides of this body

Oda Olivia Øverbø Lindegård: Taste of Purple

The address:
Stage 1 and 2 / 4th floor / “Vrimla”
Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo
Fossveien 24, 0551 Oslo

We are very excited to present these very different performative takes on what dance is and means to us at this present moment, and we are looking forward to sharing it with all of you.

The MADAmes <3