New precautions for coronavirus at KHiO (updated regularly)

KHiO is closed due to the national measures to stop the spread of the corona virus, but campus has gradually opened for some students.

Updated: May 22

KHiO has already given access to campus for graduating students, and are now gradually open also for other groups.

Opening hours

Infection control

KHiO follows national guidelines for infection control. To maintain this, and the safety of staff and students, KHiO have implemented the document “Principles for preventing contagion” on the partial opening of campus area with detailed guidelines on:

  • National guidelines and regulations
  • Guidelines for entering the school
  • Rules when entering the campus
  • Infection control for stages, workshops and exams
  • Guidelines for hygiene
  • All KHiO students and staff is to read this document before being allowed on campus.
  • Access control
  • Students have to read this document before being allowed on campus: Principles for preventing contagion (English pdf)
  • The video on infection control is mandatory to see for students who wants access to campus. (English PDF-presentation)

All students have to read this document to gain access to campus: Measures for infection prevention and control_Information and training for students (English pdf)

For students

Access to campus

Visual art

  • The Academy of Fine Art gives access to: MA1 students
  • Art and Craft gives access to MA1 students
  • Design gives access to MA1 students

The access applies from May 18, and the workshops opens for students at MA1 with a specific need for physical access to campus in order to have their studies delayed. Students and PhD candidates who meets the criteria for on-campus access can report their needs in an email to the workshops helpdesk.

Students this applies to will receive a message from the department about the days and time of access.
Other students will not have access to the campus. For these students, teaching and tutoring will continue from home, via digital channels.

Stage art

  • The Academy of Opera gives access to MA1 students
  • The Academy of Theatre gives access to BA2 acting
  • The Academy of Dance gives access to a specific group of class teaching from BA2, BA2, and MA1 (the total access will be the same as for those given to other students at other departments, regarding time spent at campus)

Students this applies to will receive a message from the department about the days and time of access.
Other students will not have access to the campus. For these students, teaching and tutoring will continue from home, via digital channels.

You will get access to KHiO if you belong to the groups which campus now opens for, are on the access list, have read the rules and procedures on infection control, use the main entrance, and registrer in and out.

Roughly 60 % of KHiO students now have access to campus, but not at the same time.

Admission control

Students that is allowed on campus will receive the document before meeting at KHiO. It is mandatory to read this and the infection control guidelines in it. When coming to campus, students has to register and confirm that they have read and understood the principle for infection and the declaration about their health. You will be asked to confirm the following self-declaration at one of the checkpoints

  • I do not have respiratory symptoms (cough, fever, wheezing).
  • I have had no respiratory symptoms (cough, fever, wheezing) for the last 24 hours.
  • No one in my household has respiratory symptoms (cough, fever, wheezing), or has had such symptoms for the last 24 hours.
  • For the past 14 days I have not had close contact with other people with strong suspicion or diagnosis of Covid-19.
  • I am obliged to follow the health authorities' hygiene advice with good hand washing, cough/sneeze in the elbow and keep two meters distance during my entire stay at KHiO.
Consequences of closing 

The national infection control has the following consequences:

  • No applicants are to meet on campus, with the exception of 3. test for bachelor in acting. As an applicant, you will receive direct information on alternatives in your specific department.
  • Planned performances and arrangements will not be possible during the spring semester.
  • Study and work travel is cancelled.
  • The KHiO atelier house is closed.
  • The cafeteria is closed.
  • It is prohibited to drink alcohol on campus.
  • It is mandatory for staff and students to read the guidelines for infection control before being allowed on campus
  • Exchange stays is cancelled during the spring semester.
  • If you come back from abroad, you have to be in quarantine in 10 days.
  • People who have been in close contact within 48 hours before a confirmed infected person showed first signs of symptoms, has to be in quarantine. Quarantine is still necessary if you have been in contact with infected people with less than two meters distance in more than 15 minutes.

Students is as a general rule to contact their student supervisor.

The switchboard is open Monday - Friday between 08.00-23.00 CET, tel + 47 22 99 55 00
Helpdesk can be reached at

To pick up personal items: Contact team leader Vidar Iversen to make an appointment. Email has to be sent at least one working day in advance to, with full name, phone number and department, and the day and time you wish to pick up items. From Mondays to Fridays 09.00-17.00 a three hour access can be given.


Access to KHiO
Digital resources

Read KHiO´s guide for which programmes to implement in digital education (in Norwegian)

Canvas is the primary source for informing students on all KHiO-related matters. 

Zoom is the primary source for online education. is a web-based app providing guidance and information in emergency situations. It also has useful information on the corona virus, and important links to government policy and more.