Per Roar Thorsnes

Per Roar is a choreographer, performer, lecturer and artist-researcher who in his artistic work merges a socio-political interest and contextual enquiries with a somatic approach to movement. He has extensive experience of working as a choreographer, researcher, and performer in many environments, contexts and countries, and has published several articles related to artistic research.

He holds a BA in choreography from Statens balletthøgskole (now: the Academy of Dance, KHiO), a MA in Performance Studies from New York University, and a Doctorate in Arts (Dance) from the University of the Art Helsinki. His background in history and social sciences from the University of Oslo (Cand. Mag) and graduate studies at Karl Marx University in Budapest (now: Corvinius) and Oxford University, inform his artistic approach and interest in the politics of remembrance and representation.

His choreographic works include WHITE LIES/BLACK MYTHS (1995) (Gran 2000); SHOT IN THE RECLINER - THE ART OF CAMPING (2000) - an interactive camping happening that toured caravan sites in Norway; LIFE & DEATH (2006)- a trilogy based on a choreographic fieldwork into traumatic grieving; IF THIS IS MY BODY (2010-2013), and the last years involvement in collective collaborations such as Seminarium (2012-2016) and BY CARTE BLANCHE (2016).

Per Roar is a recipient of US-Fulbright scholarship (1998-1999), the Norwegian Government fellowship for artists (2000-2003), and the Norwegian Government’s Guarantee Income for Artists (2013-2029). In 2017 he was appointed as Professor and Head of the MA Programme in Choreography at KHIO.


  • Pilot: Preparing – engaging in memory research artistically, ethically and politically (2020).
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  • Workshop: Performative Research: autoethnographic approaches to artistic research (2019).
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  • Artistic Research: Being There. Explorations inot the Local - a presentation and launch of the anthology by co-editor and contributor Luisa Greenfield and Per Roar, contributor (2019).
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  • Dans så det synger - et oppgjør med Snøhvit og andre melaninfattige idealer (2018).
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  • 'Docudancing' the local. A situated approach to the social (2018).
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  • Fra innsiden – koreografi og somatisk praksis (2017).
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  • Mellom linjene: om linjer og retninger, linjeføring og makt, mellomrom, og dansen mellom linjene. (English version: Between the lines: on lines and directions, alignment and power, spaces, and the dance between the lines) (2017).
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  • Praxis Seminar 2017 with Benoit Lachambre (CA) og Lars Øyno (NO) (2017).
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  • Post-failure: rehearsing strategies (2017).
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  • Genius Loci Fragmentum: fragmenting the spatial sound (2017).
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