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Design Talks Night: Elke Gaugele

Design Talks Night: Elke Gaugele

How to shift design and fashion research practices towards decolonizing and decentering perspectives that take into account postcolonial points of view? Welcome to a talk by Elke Gaugele, cultural anthropologist and professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.

Time: Tuesday September 3 at 6 PM.
Venue: The library at Oslo National academy of the Arts (KHiO), Fossveien 24.
Tickets: Free entrance, open to all.

Elke Gaugele will outline a framework for critical global fashion research from a decolonizing perspective and debates on the global turn in art and design.

Gaugele’s recently published book Fashion and Postcolonial Critique (Sternberg 2019; ed. Elke Gaugele and Monica Titton)* makes a programmatic intervention into contemporary fashion theory and challenges the received categories and orders of fashion and design. It provides a significant overview on the different articulations of contemporary postcolonial fashion critique and analyses fashion as a cultural, historical, social and political phenomenon involved in and affected by histories of colonial domination, anti-colonial resistance, processes of decolonization, migration and globalization. From de-colonial counter archives up to the postcolonial imaginaries of contemporary fashion media it also highlights practical art and design-based modes of decolonization and globalization critique in the journalistic, photographic and artistic work of fashion practitioners.

Elke Gaugele is professor for Fashion and Styles at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. As a Cultural Anthropologist, writer, curator, and researcher she works internationally on postcolonial fashion critique, practice based fashion theory, and the ethics and global politics of fashion. She is project leader of the Austrian Center for Fashion Research (ACfFR) and a researcher of the DFG-Network “Entangled Histories of Art and Migration: Forms, Visibilities, Agents” (2018-2021). She has been awarded a Lise Meitner habilitation scholarship (2005/06) and a Maria-Goeppert-Mayer Professorship (2004). Publications include: Fashion as Politics: Dressing Dissent. Special Issue of Fashion Theory – The Journal of Dress, Body and Culture Vol. 23, 2019 (co-ed. with Monica Titton); Fashion and Postcolonial Critique (Sternberg 2019) co-ed. with Monica Titton; Critical Studies. Kultur- und Sozialtheorie im Kunstfeld (VS 2016) co-ed. with Jens Kastner; Aesthetic Politics in Fashion (Sternberg 2014).


Introduction by Charlotte Bik Bandlien, anthropologist and assistant professor of design theory and methodology at the Dept. of Design at Oslo National Academy of the Arts.