Tim Ingold, Lecture: “Telling by Hand: Weaving, Drawing, Writing Photography” at Text and Textiles Conference, University of Aberdeen, 2012. Photography by: Patricia Pires Boulhosa.

Design Talk: Art, Science and the Meaning of Research

We invite you to a lecture with Tim Ingold, one of the most renowned voices in contemporary anthropology. He will debate the future of art, design and craft.

British anthropologist and author Tim Ingold has a deep interest in thinking through making and the knowing body and its relationship to research. He holds the Chair of Social Anthropology at the University of Aberdeen and are author of, among others, the books Making: Anthropology, Arcaeology, Art and Architecture and Lines: A Brief History.

Ingold is researching and teaching on the connections between anthropology, archaeology, art and architecture (the '4 As'), conceived as ways of exploring the relations between human beings and the environments they inhabit. Taking an approach radically different from the conventional anthropologies and archaeologies 'of' art and of architecture, which treat artworks and buildings as though they were merely objects of analysis, he is looking at ways of bringing together the 4 As on the level of practice, as mutually enhancing ways of engaging with our surroundings.

Tim Ingold will on his visit also hold a Round Table discussion for invited Research Fellows, teaching staff and invited guests.

This lecture is a contribution in conjuction with the 200 year anniversary at KHiO, by the Design Department. Co-host of the lecture is the Institute of Social Anthropology, University of Oslo.