Detail from exhibition Competence, Fotograf Gallery, Praha 2015. Jesper Alvær, Isabela Grosseová and Jiří Ptáček.

Viva Voce: Jesper Alvær

Artist and Research Fellow Jesper Alvær will defend his research work "Work, work: Staging dislocation in artistic and non artistic labour" at the presentation of his thesis at Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

Place: The Main Auditorium, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Fossveien 24.

Artistic Research Fellow 2013–2017
The Academy of Fine Art, Oslo National Academy of the Arts

The project Work, work: Staging dislocation in artistic and non artistic labour explores shifts in the conventions regulating artistic labour in the expanded field of art, responding to the radical shifts in artistic practice, related to its deskilling, distributed agency and blurred authorship. Over the course of his fellowship Alvær engaged the research topic in different ways - through exhibitions, covert performances, relational pieces, workshops - to test the contemporary limits of artistic labour, enhancing his study by applying methodologies of social sciences. Through employment, delegation and other forms of collaboration, Work, work... scrutinizes relation linking artists and other participants of artistic process, asking how much can one subtract from professional role of an artist and still be able to share artistic faculties with others? In other words, what is artistic competence after deskilling and how can it be mutualised?

Angela Melitopoulos and Mike Sperlinger

Appraisal Committee
Dora Garcia, Carmen Mõrsch and Andreas Siekmann

The event will take place in English.

Research results
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Jesper Alvær
(born 1973) received his artistic training mainly in Prague, New York, and Kitakyushu. During 2013–17 he is a Research Fellow at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts with the project Work, work: Staging dislocation in artistic and non artistic labour (http://artistic-research.no/jesper-alvaer-work-work). In addition to showing his art at a number of international exhibitions, Alvær has also participated in numerous study, residence, and research programmes both in Norway and abroad. His most recent exhibitions include Making Use: Life in Postartistic Times (Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, 2016), Mother, Dear Mother (Kunstnernes Hus Oslo, 2014), Arbeidstid/WorkTime (Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, 2013) as well as several exhibitions held in collaboration with Isabela Grosseová: Competence (Fotograf Gallery, Prague 2014), Activum (Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo, 2013), Eventos Paralelos (Manifesta 8, Murcia, 2010/11), and the exhibition Figure and Ground at Bunkier Sztuki Contemporary Art Gallery, Krakow, 2007.