Christian Lysvåg
Christian Lysvåg

Kostyme- og scenografiforum: Christian Lysvåg: Mørkets filosofi

Hvilken rolle spiller scenografi og kostyme i scenekunsten? Hva er de sentrale problemstillingene innenfor feltet?

Filosof og essayist Christian Lysvåg holder foredrag om mørkets filosofi.

Forelesningsserien Kostyme- og scenografiforum er et samarbeid mellom avdelingene Design og Teaterhøgskolen, og ambisjonen er å utforske hva scenografi og kostyme kan være.

Gratis og åpent for alle!

From fearing the dark
To seeing the dark
To thinking the dark

A plea for the darkness…
No! –A plea for human being as a creature of two worlds, one of which we have forgotten, lost or defeated.

A bid to re-think the night: both in terms of actual experiences and in terms of language, culture, conceptions and world-view.
What about the night, our night, is true?

A goal is this: to «light the night from within»: not in terms of faith or philosophy, but in terms of revisiting human being as a creature of powers that transcend day-lit reason and day-lit mastery: powers of the body and senses on the one hand, powers of imagination and thinking on the other.

To think that which is not objective, visible and rational means entering in to a realm we are not well acquainted with.
It is to walk awake into sleep, –or move your lucid mind into a realm where the world is yet undecided, perhaps un-made.
A realm where there is much to see and much to learn.