AC/CA (Artist curator/Curator artist)

Utstillingsåpning og paneldebatt i Galleri 1, torsdag 20. oktober kl. 18.00 som utforsker kunstner-kuratorens mangfoldige roller i samtidens kuratoriske felt.

Panel talk 20th of October 2016 at 18:00.

Exhibition open 21st-23rd of October 12:00-16:00.

Galleri 1, Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Featured artists: Jan Christensen, Ragnhild Aamås, Hanan Benammar
Paul Paiement, Carl Berg, Max Presneill

Curated by the artists in collaboration with Merete Mortensen.
Organized by Frido Evers. Panel talk moderator: Rike Frank.

Welcome to the opening of the exhibition AC/CA, which is accompanied by a panel talk where we'll be exploring
the role of the artist-curator and the variety within the contemporary curatorial field. We have invited six artistcurators
- three of them from USA with a focus on Los Angeles and three of them from Norway with a focus on
Oslo - to curate a two-parts exhibition, and share some thoughts with us on the subject and their own practices,
set in two very different art scenes.

THE EXHIBITION has an experimental approach and will show two separately curated parts: one from the Norwegian
based artist-curators and one from the US based artist-curators. By placing them in two groups and challenging them
to curate each exhibition together, whether they choose to show their own work or not, the project plays on the
unclear roles within the curatorial field. This will be a chance to experience how different kinds of artist-curators
from the respective locale choose to curate together: what kind of dynamic will emerge when all the artists in the
exhibition are functioning as curators as well? How will the two exhibitions differ and can that be traced back to their
respective art scenes?

THE PANEL TALK takes a look at whether the role of the artist-curator differs in the art scene of Oslo compared to the
one in Los Angeles. We'll be focussing on topics regarding the still developing roles of the artist as curator, and also
the curator as artist, such as: how and why the artist takes on the role of the curator, how curators and artists
increasingly are overlapping and imitating each other's positions, how the artist as curator historically has opened up
for the exhibition to become a medium of its own, and different strategies and practices within this field. Our aim is
to find new questions as much as answers, and coming closer to mapping out the current positions of the artist as
curator and the curator as artist.