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Avgang 2024: Madelon Anne-Marie Verbeek / Tussen Wal en Schip

Avgang 2024: Madelon Anne-Marie Verbeek / Tussen Wal en Schip

The exhibition Tussen Wal en Schip is Madelon Anne-Marie Verbeek's individual MFA graduation project.

Madelon Anne-Marie Verbeek’s (b.1999, NL) (@madelon_verbeek) solo exhibition “Tussen Wal en Schip'' opens February 23th at 5PM @muralverkstedet’. Open from 23 February - 5 April 2024.

What makes a place feel like home?

This is what I explore through my graduation project at @muralverkstedet. Throughout the last three weeks, I have worked with themes and thoughts tied to the concept of home. The result is three frescoes functioning as diaristic patchworks, delving into the fluidity of notions surrounding home.

Built up from patches of fresh plaster (Giornata) and paint mixed and applied by yours truly, the frescoes follow strings of thoughts from my daily life, while I figure out what the concept of home means to me.

It is fluid and ever changing. The temporality of these feelings makes it seem an unreliable concept, this sense of belonging to one place or another, wanting to turn my back on a place, not wanting to be associated with choices made by a government or behavior from a group of people tied to a country.

Concerns about the political landscape in both Norway and the Netherlands and how it affects and dominates my thoughts, of polarization in myself and in my home country of the Netherlands. These break the frescoes into sections of both personal and international thematics.

My initial fascination for the medium of frescoes began when I experienced the City Hall of Oslo at age 13. I was mesmerized by the storytelling time capsule, especially in Alf Rolfsen’s Okkupasjonsfrise. The Norwegian fresco art has since been the main reason to continue my art studies in Oslo.

During the opening, you will be able to experience me finishing the last fresco in real time. The following days, I will be working on an additional fresco, which will conclude at the finnisage the 5th of April.

All frescoes will be taken down at 7PM, their temporality mirroring the transitory concepts explored within them.

Contact me for a visit on +31657822798
Opened on 24, 25, 26, 28 February (kl.12-16), 2-5, 11-13, 15-22, 25-27 March (kl.12-16), 3, 4 April (kl.12-16) and Finissage on 5th of April (19-21).

MFA Graduation Projects

The final year Master students will present individual graduation projects in different spaces at KHIO and around Oslo. These newly developed projects will be diverse in form and will take place at different times during the spring semester. Some of the projects will open simultaneously. The graduating students will also collectively explore the group format in a curated group exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus. For several decades, the Academy was located at the back of the house, and in 2012, Kunstnernes Hus resumed its close relationship with the academy by showing the annual graduation exhibition in the Master of Fine Art.
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