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Sampson Addae: The Touch
Sampson Addae: The Touch

Avgang 2024: Sampson Addae / Kuh-MEE-lee-uhns

Sampson Addae's individual MFA graduation project.

Weathered by the touch of countless bodies, they have become eloquent storytellers. They whisper narratives of growth and resilience. Each thread in them bears witness to the lives that have intertwined with them, weaving a tapestry of experiences.
In this exhibition, these anonymous bodies are presented as “Kuh-MEE-lee-uhns”. They are perceived as creatures known for their multifaceted nature and having a transformative power to change and become anything (useful or waste) based on circumstances.
These “Kuh-MEE-lee-uhns” invite other bodies (viewers) to reflect on how circumstances influence questions of value and the power we hold to shape our surroundings and, in turn, be shaped by them. They also prompt reflections on the potential dangers of unchecked adaptability, shedding light on overconsumption, and the lasting impact of our choices. A choice to either conceal within the fabric of societal norms or boldly stand out, to navigate the delicate balance between privilege and victimization.

Opening: 23rd February 2024, 18:00-20:00
Opening hours: 24th Feb – 3rd March, 11:00-17:00

MFA Graduation Projects
The final year Master students will present individual graduation projects in different spaces at KHIO and around Oslo. These newly developed projects will be diverse in form and will take place at different times during the spring semester. Some of the projects will open simultaneously. The graduating students will also collectively explore the group format in a curated group exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus in May. For several decades, the Academy was located at the back of the house, and in 2012, Kunstnernes Hus resumed its close relationship with the academy by showing the annual graduation exhibition in the Master of Fine Art.
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