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Avgang 2024: Free Education for all: It is Time

Avgang 2024: Free Education for all: It is Time

Masterstudentene i billedkunst presenterer sine avgangsarbeider i en felles avgangsutstilling i overlyssalene på Kunstnernes Hus.


Abirami Logendran, Adin Mušić, Ane Barstad Solvang, Anne-Marte Før, Edvard Skodvin, Eili Bråstad, Ghazaal Nasiri, Iben Erik Bødtker-Næss, Kim Henning Andreassen, Lea Stuedahl, Madelon Verbeek, Paulina Stroynowska, Sampson Addae, Santiago Díaz Escamilla, Steinar Brovold Hauge og Wenche Sandra M. Disington

Om utstillingen

Free Education for All: It is Time.
It is time to let loose.
Time to hang tight, pretend, to believe.
It is time to scream, time to maintain, challenge, risk.
Time to compete, cooperate, collapse.
It is time to hold your head up high.
Time to escape, to stand still, time to fight, to flight, to let it fly.
Time to unravel time, to climb the ladder, time to step out, leap of faith, stomp the ground,
to shake the earth.
It is time to pick a side; to agree to disagree, to take in the things that are happening in this moment, in the past, to plan ahead.
It is time to dream, to be confused, fooled.
It is time to make dreams come true.
It is time to see the details, to decide what's important, to dance, to sing, to rise up.
Time to hold back, to breathe, sleep, eat, to feel at ease. It is time to get ready for it, whatever that means.
Ready or not, here I come.
It is time to hold hands, time to care about something, just anything.
It is time to reveal, to hide, to fake it till you make it, time to focus, to let the time fly.
To feel old, to be young, forever young.
Time to celebrate, to cry, to open your eyes, to wake up, wake up, wake up, time to rethink, to be certain, to insist, to reminisce.
It is time for hope, to ask for help.
It is time to say hello and it is time to say goodbye, time to feel at home, to follow your heart, time to lean back and enjoy.
It is time to be brave in this time and age, to be frightened, to set the tone, to be real, to seal the deal, to get over it, to do a 180, to never look back, time to appreciate what you have, to be serious, to laugh.
It is time to be angry, to refuse, to problematize the facts, to criticize, to crave some answers, it is time to reject being neutral. It is time for Free education for all.
It is time to change because the times are, to be clear, to be or not to be.
It is time to question, to ask the whats and the ifs, and the when and the whys, and perhaps the why not.
It is time to be alive, to leave it all to chance, to come up with a solid plan, to stick by it, to distribute the energy, take turns, to let go, to let bygones be bygones, to speak in riddles, in tongues, to let go of the things you think you know, to unlearn, shut up, to sit, give paws, to be a good dog, bark bark.
It is time to not give in, give up, to say yes, say no.
It is time to say you don’t know, because nothing is certain, and everything you say now can and will be used against you.
It is time to realize that it is never too late.
It is time to repeat, to repeat, to repeat it, to learn from your mistakes, to erase it all, to get to the point, to say it like you mean it, to find meaning, to postpone, to do it, to do it right now. It is time if we wish it to be so, to drop some coins in the wishing well, well, well. It is time.

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