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SNITT // Artists books

SNITT // Artists books

Avistegnernes hus showcases some of what is happening in self-publishing and artists' books in Norway right now, by Grafikk students and alumni from KHiO. The exhibition highlights the importance of publishing within an infrastructure that facilitates public expression and freedom of speech.

Visual commentary on current affairs has become less prioritised in the press, and its forms and practitioners are migrating to other media and surfaces to reach audiences outside the art field itself - among them self-publishing and artist books. Avistegnernes hus engages in this dialogue, and show the knowledge, skills and craftsmanship involved in making your own publication.

Amalie Rugård Jensen

Amalie Rugård Jensen (DK) works with lithography, letterpress, drawing, text and collecting objects. The starting point for her practice is a strong attraction to narratives and stories. Jensen has a background as a paper conservator, which has given her a penchant for techniques and materials that in themselves tell a story. She is currently pursuing an MFA in medium- and material-based art at Art and Craft, KHiO.

Kari Kolltveit

Kari Kolltveit (NO) has a background in typography and book design, which is often reflected in her work. Kolltveit uses prints, publications and objects to address politics, vulnerability and strategies for survival. She tries to find meaning in the absurd and meaningless in what she sees as a chaotic, irrational and threatening world. She holds an MFA in medium- and material-based art from Art and Craft, KHiO (2022).

Mathilda Skoglund

Mathilda Skoglund's (SE) practice relies on artists' books, poetry and graphic printing methods. Using the book as a medium, she creates a close communication between materiality and spatiality. The slow work with old-fashioned lead types enables a closeness to the text, which for Skoglund contrasts with the many fast mediums otherwise used for text. Skoglund is in her final year a BFA in medium- and material-based art, Art and Craft, KHiO.

Maria Viirros

Maria Viirros (FI) is an interdisciplinary artist and tattoo artist who is fascinated by processes that shape society as she sees it: tattooing, printing, writing and digital technologies. By combining art forms, she seeks to challenge the boundaries of art production; to invoke liberating change through the transformation of the material world. Viirros holds an MFA in Medium- and Material-based Art from Art and Craft, KHiO (2023).

Anna Weilhartner

Anna Weilhartner (NO) uses artists' books as her artistic language. Her work often enters into a dialogue with other art forms such as music, poetry, photography or painting. The book format with its sequence of pages allows her to illuminate places, events and people from different angles. She holds an MFA in medium- and material-based art, Art and Craft KHiO (2022) and architecture, University of Applied Arts Vienna (2008).

Dates: 9 September - 15 October 2023
Time: Thursday - Sunday, 12.00 - 16.00
Opening: Saturday 9 September, 12.00 - 18.00