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Midterm Evaluation: Eliot Moleba

Midterm Evaluation: Eliot Moleba

PhD fellow Eliot Moleba, Academy of Theatre,  presents his doctoral artistic research project Alternative Histori[es]: A Place Where Something Happened.

The day is divided into two parts: the morning session consists of a larp titled The Things We Left Behind, and in the afternoon, Eliot Moleba will present his work-in-progress and the artistic-research project. For those not attending the larp, it is possible to only join the afternoon session.

The focus of my research project is to explore narrative accounts of Norwegians who self-identify with a multicultural and/or immigration background(s). It has collected stories of their lived experiences, with special interest in an event that happened in a public space and has been experienced as a life changing moment. The stories are being used to produce monuments that will be installed on the sites where the narrated events took place, taking over the public spaces and infusing them with gripping personal narratives to shift how we read and (re)negotiate their past/meaning, generating a ‘capital’ that will demand a ‘new’ way of relating to, and/or understanding, the place, its people and history. This is to create an ‘alternative history’, dedicated to writing and inscribing these voices into public spaces and our broader collective imagi.nation.

More about the LARP

The Things We Left Behind

Regardless of our varied reasons to migrate, the journey always begins with packing. While some might have the luxury of time and resources to contemplate what to bring, others only have a moment’s notice to take what they can. This LARP invites you to traverse the layers of things we lose and gain, the challenges and opportunities we meet in the process of migrating.

What will you pack when you leave?

What is LARP, you ask? Larp stands for live action role play and is an improvised form of play without an audience, usually embodying a character. You don’t need prior experience to join us. The design is easy to play for someone who hasn't done it before. Just bring your curiosity.
How does it work? There is a workshop before the larp to introduce the setting and techniques, the larp is followed by a debrief to collect feedback on the experience. Everything is opt-in. Please wear comfortable clothes.
Where? Scene 7, Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo
Date and time? 2nd June, at 09.00 – 11:30.

There is limited space available to play the LARP, please register your interest by emailing If you have questions about the larp or other general enquiries, feel free to email as well.


09.00-11.30 LARP (live-action roleplaying game)
11.30-12-30 Lunch break
12.30-12.45 Welcome.
12.45-13.45 PhD fellow Eliot Moleba presents his doctoral project and showcase newly created scenes as work in progress (developed in collaboration with an actor, Luthando Jamda).
13.45-14.00 Break.
14.00-14.45 Discussion between the respondent, Mick Wilson, and PhD fellow.
14.45-15.00 Break.
15.00-15.30 Questions and responses from the public.

The second half of the midterm will be moderated by Jesper Halle.