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Avgang 2023: Mathew Lacosse / Clink

Avgang 2023: Mathew Lacosse / Clink

The exhibition Clink is Mathew Lacosse's graduation project in Master Fine Art (MFA).

“I think that's how it is for most of us. We can drive our car a little longer and we can wear our shirts a little more. We can, for example, replace the collar and not the whole shirt, as I do.” - Stein Erik Hagen (via Google Translation)

Clink, as in clinker, as in the impurities of coal fires, as in ash reaching a melting point and coalescing into forms of iridescent molten glass, as in bricks going beyond their standard forms to the point of ornament. Overcooked and depleted, this clinking sound signals the transformation to those tending the furnace. (…) Climbing on submerged concrete forms and swimming in the reflection of the new glass condominiums. (…) I wonder if it is BaneNor, beavers, or Phytophthora that is responsible for all the felled trees with their wishbone shapes laying in the water? (…) My dad said that before my parents had my sister and I, they had a lot of money to spend on clothes and other nice things. I remember he had a dark, iridescent smoker’s jacket. They both had nice cowboy boots, but I never saw them wearing either the boots or the jacket. (…) I’ve grown to love the feeling of a shirt collar at my neck. (…) In Norwegian, those who live outside the city in the many bedroom communities or even in other countries and commute in are called “pendlere” or “arbeidspendlere”, as in a pendulum swinging back and forth. (…) Dan Graham loved the suburbs, perhaps I should too.

“To be in the outskirts is an asset, and Blaker is located at an ideal distance from the city. One has to seek the place out, and the journey here has its own value. Halfway from Oslo the train is joined by the river of Glomma. I always sit on the left side out of town and on the right side when I am going in. The log booms in the river are our pyramids.” - Guttorm Guttormsgaard

The exhibition Clink comprises a series of works made with reference to the Akerselva at Oslo National Academy of the Arts and the Glomma River at Guttormsgaards Arkiv.

Vernissage on March 11, 2023 at 13:00 - 17:00
Also open March 12, 13, 18, 19 at 13:00 - 17:00

Guttormsgaards Arkiv is located at Meierivegen 14, Blaker. From Oslo Central Station take the R14 towards Kongsvinger, getting off at Blaker. The train runs hourly in both directions.