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Avgang 2023: Yun Hao / Eclipse

Avgang 2023: Yun Hao / Eclipse

The exhibition Eclipse is Yun Hao's graduation project in Master Fine Art (MFA).

The layout of the gallery resembles an eclipse. Gallery’s door is in the line with the two works. Through the use of lighting, the entire gallery is like a fraction of a galaxy, and we can clearly see how the placement of the works and the resulting projections are connected in the space. At the same time, the light emphasizes the significance of the door element in the gallery. "screen", as a substitute for door, realizes multiple projection of its own meaning by virtue of specific cultural meaning and the unique nature of its own biological materials, and achieves a delicate balance in an ambiguous state.

The Truth of Breathing
Wood, chicken skin, glue

Screen, as the traditional cultural symbol which divide the space, acts as an inward translated wall when the door is opened, making the gallery return to the relatively closed state. The skin acts as a barrier to the body, naturally dividing the inside from the outside. it confused eclipse's projection body by pointing the "inside" of screen toward the gallery door.

Paradox Hug
Acrylic board, fish skin, metal frame

With a serious attitude to the whimsical hypothesis: how to make two completely opposite angles face each other? Putting both sides on opposite sides of the equation, using the impression of a fish swimming freely and flexibly as a supporting theorem, adding and subtracting like a math problem -- and finally they embraced each other!