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Avgang 2023: Rick Seth Ofori / Deeper and louder

Avgang 2023: Rick Seth Ofori / Deeper and louder

Deeper and louder is a love letter to vulnerability, fear, and shame in men. This exhibit explores the landscape of unresolved pain and the different shapes it takes on. A sculptural installation comprised of three pieces. Each one mirroring different stages of the emotional path to manhood.

"Maybe I just want to shove my face underneath his shirt and kiss his chest, or plunge my head through his chest and kiss his heart. Maybe just" David Wojnarowicz

While working on the individual pieces, I found myself conflicted by the places I drew inspiration from and the justification for doing so. Manifestos written by troubled young men and other radicals, men's rights Reddit forums, conducting interviews, the works of David Wojnarowicz, Yung Lean, and James Baldwin – all these have played a big part in trying to dissect male fragility or lack thereof.

I wanted to connect with the emotional illiteracy among men and why this is. I did not come to a conclusion, and it would be naive to think I would find one. I merely drew back some curtains to peak at worlds I don't associate with but which I can't say I'm not a part of. My nihilistic voyeurism disguised as concern could only get me so far. My mission statement was to reflect sincerely on emotions that have not been resolved yet, feelings that simmer—a mission brought on by an increase of young men who somehow found themselves displaced.

The repeated struggle to hold my hand still as the alginate thickens, ultimately binding my palm and fingers. The grunts, heavy breathing, and scrapes caused by the axe in the making of a performance that never came to be. The collected wood, sketches, models, and reference photos of buildings engulfed by flames. These actions are a part of a process that won't be visible to the audience. Instead, I present to you the aftermath.

The house might not be on fire, but do you smell smoke?

Opening Friday 10.02.23, 18:00 at Seilduken 1, Fossveien 24.
Opening hours 11.02-19.02
Wednesday - Friday 15:00 to 17:00
Saturday - Sunday 12:00 to 15:00