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Tragedia del'Arte med 2. år skuespillerfag. Foto: Miriam Sogn
Tragedia del'Arte med 2. år skuespillerfag. Foto: Miriam Sogn

AVLYST! Tragedia del'Arte in balance metode med pedagog Mariana Araoz

Kveldens forestilling er dessverre avlyst. Andreårsstudentene på bachelor skuespillerfag har i en fire ukers workshop med Mariana Araoz arbeidet med transformasjon i relasjon til maskearbeid og prinsipper knyttet til dukketeater. De deler nå arbeidet sitt i en åpen visning.


Birgitte Fink Andersen, Julie Bunimowicz, Alfred Ekker Strande, Mie Korsbakken Christensen, Filip Kremner, Miriam Kirsten-Maria Majcherek, Jenny Mueni Ndunda, Erik Oskar Berg Pelin, Mina Salomonsen Try

Pedagog: Mariana Araoz

Kostyme: Hedda Simonsen Lund
Takk til teknisk stab ved Are Engebretsen, Kikki Norén Løwgren og Ronnie Tungland

In Balance or the TMR-Balance method. Mask and Puppet technique.

Directed by Mariana Araoz, an Argentinian-French director and pedagogue, living in Paris, and dedicated for 30 years to the art of Mask and Puppet.

She has created the "TMR Balance Method" inspired from pedagogues as Mario Gonzalez, Ariane Mnouchkine, Jacques Lecoq, Barbara Wilczek Ekholm and Harald Leander as well as from traditional puppet and mask-theater as the Bunraku, Kabuki, Theatre Noh and Butto.
Since 2006 she has created and developed the European project and company Trans Mission Research-TMR specialized in gender balance and mask. She produces and directs plays, movies, conferences and workshops based on the concepts of “Balance”, through Mask and puppets technique as a free-gender and equality theater form. Based on this research she has now created a new pedagogic method: The balance Method or The TMR method ©.

The Balance Method is based on the concept of balance through the theater space, the stage, the actors, the troupe and the audience. The main characters and the story are supported and brought to life by the "servants of stage" or the manipulators of the "puppets" through mask and puppets codifications. She has created in her method the story telling form called: THE BIRDS.
Listening, breathing, animality, precision, awareness and support are the basis of this work.

Steps of the Method: We will approach, through different mask and puppet techniques, the body and space dramaturgy. Mask is an amplification of our emotions and creativity. It allows actors to discover or rediscover new ways of expressions. It demands sincerity and truth.

Step 1- The Balance Mask: we will study the architecture of our body, our voice, our group and our space. We develop relationship towards others; essentially the chorus and the constitution of a troupe. We practice transforming ourselves from protagonist to servants and from servants to protagonists as a normal state of mind and way of creating and acting.
Step 2- The Character Mask and Body Mask: We will bring to life a Character. We will go from The Balance to the Unbalance, to create somebody different from our own identity. The mask will unveil what is hidden in us, revealing fantasies and new energies; mask unmasks. The body is sculpted and stylized as in dance. To bring them to life we have to connect to emotions and situations. The “servants of stage” will give birth and development to this new born character with the help of breathing, “the good gaze” and caring.
Step 3- Collective Movement or THE BIRDS we will improvise in a collective way. Inspired from the Greek Theater we will focus on the protagonist, the chorus and the servants of stage. The protagonist will have the action and the chorus will give support, light and life to the protagonist. The servants will give the voice, the story telling and sounds.

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