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Paint and photo: Hilde Flikke
Paint and photo: Hilde Flikke


This exhibition is part of Fernanda Branco’s PhD Artistic Research Project Environment embodiment – towards enchanted narrative at the Theatre department.

Traces is a collaborative project exploring ways of documenting performative actions through paint and poetry. In which ways other than through images can performative actions be documented? Which medias can be used for documentation and how those technologies affect the ones partaking the work? How to generate artistic works from a documentation point of view?

Thinking documentation as a tool to give access and offer a memory of a past event, how can documentation evoke an event to exist in the present? What if, documentation can generate other works? What if, a work can be revisited through documentation in a continuous transformation mode?

Traces is an ongoing project collaboration between the performer Fernanda Branco and visual artist Hilde Flikke.
This collaboration generates two artistic works that co-exist and at the same time has their own purpose and artistic paths: Traces is an artistic documentation from Flikke for Branco’s artistic research and Slik jeg husker det (working title) is Flikke‘s painting compilation.

In this exhibition, Traces exposes three expeditions where Branco encountered a forest, a coastline and a beach through her practice of walking backwards. Flikke documented, registered and archived relations between the body of the performer and the environment through painting and poetic descriptions. Those first paintings and descriptions are sources for new paintings, text and movement.

Traces is part of of Branco’s PhD Artistic Research Project Environment embodiment – towards enchanted narrative at the Theatre department. The research aims at developing embodied practices of movement and voice throughout encounters with environments and matters from a sympoiesis (making-with) perspective.

The research is processual based on becoming-with, where a personal movement-voice practice intertwines with somatic movement knowledge and Micro-phenomenology modes of inquire. The central premise is that the body is also an environment.