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Illustrasjon av Madelen Foss
Illustrasjon av Madelen Foss

Collective illusions

Join for performance, talks, music, installations, vernissage & foccaci with students from master in theatre and costume design.

Follow us down the rabbit hole on friday 20th mai 16-23 @KHiO.


From 16.00, open throughout the event :

Step into the immersive textile sculpture of the universe AKSIOM, from where the Third Culture Creatures have emerged! by Amanda Bjerager Vesthardt (MA design)
MADA studio room, 1st floor

Third Culture Creature, by Sophie Solveig Cabrera (MA design)
Walking, around the halls

Asshole of bureaucracy, installation by Maria Victoria Høvring Høeg (MA theatre)
Performance by Kristján Breki Björnsson (BFA in fine art) at various times during the day from 16:00.
The area in front of the reception

17.00: Public Talk & Meditation with Buddhist Teacher, initiated by Tatiana Delaunay (MA theatre)
Studio 6, 7th floor, 1,5 h. This event requires a ticket

17.00: After us, The Ruins - a play written by Pierre Koestel, directed by Chloé Royou (MA CDPR)
Stage 8, 1,5 h. This event requires a ticket

18.00: 307 Kroppar - performance by Maria Victoria Høvring Høeg (MA theatre) with Oda Olivia Øverbø Lindegård (MA dance), Alicia Kerrolf (BA samtidsdans), Maiken Rye (MA theatre) and Martha Rasmussen Lubiana (MA theatre)
Asiatisk Hage. This event requires a ticket

18.15: Bar opening and focaccia from Focacceria
Prøvesal 1

18.40: Ecco puncture - installation & discussion about Eccochambers, by Maria Lloyd and Vega Drake Carlsson (both MA theatre), discussion led by Bojana Cvejić
Stage 7, 1 h. This event requires a ticket

19.45: (LaOnda) - The Ripple Effect, performance by Ida Ingels (MA theatre)
Stage 8, 30 min. This event requires a ticket

20.30: A Working Class Hero? Theatrical performance by Tyrone Douglas (MA theatre)
Stage 7, 45 min. This event requires a ticket

21.30: STUP, by Ellen Jerstad and Vega Drake Carlsson (both MA theatre) + musicians Siril Malmedal Hauge and Marte Røyeng
Stage 8, 30-45 min. This event requires a ticket

Instagram for updates: @masterteater_khio
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