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Avgang 2022: Words Because of Teeth

Avgang 2022: Words Because of Teeth

Words Because of Teeth is Kaja Krakowian's graduation project in Master Fine Art (MFA).

Simultan sits in a car, so as not to sit somewhere else, and throws out words: hacer, robić, machen, to do. She measures a tooth hole with her tongue and slides a cherry stone in. A soft placeholder. A previous car levels the next one and they say on the radio that the appointment is canceled. Putting things onto things and peeling them off, antori, auguri. Something flimsy, something missing, something syncing. Car seats stress the emptiness of the room, the door handle shoots in the air "nothing to hang on". This is a credible picture because it is thrown off my hand, blurred, and gone. Malina is a raspberry, a name and expression for something delicious. I rely on that. Dancing is a dog said Irene and I rely on that too. And one more. Karol is sitting alongside, and he can say whatever he wants, because his teeth are white and he speaks for them, because of them. His face is a face of chewing a pencil. Stones are tapping on teeth: Open a soda pop watch it fiz and pop, the clock is ticking, and we can’t stop.

Place: Loftet (Kunstnernes Hus, above Akademierommet)

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