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Photo: Hildegunn Solbø
Photo: Hildegunn Solbø

Shop Talk, Fernanda Branco: Environment embodiment – towards enchanted narratives

Research fellow Fernanda Branco at the Academy of Theatre gives a presentation that invites input on her work-in-progress.

Fernanda describes her work-in progress with the following:

Environment embodiment – towards enchanted narratives seeks to develop embodied artistic practices, vocabularies, and narrations in corelation with movement, voice and environment.

These correlations are explored by sewing performative and writing acts, practices, and site-specific-based embodied experiences, through poetic narratives.

The seasons of the year serve as catalyses for momentary artistic process, aiming to generate a cyclical-spiral-based process while taking in resonances of what is to live in times such as these.

Artistic research is also a spiral-based process. The strategy here is to ground its practices in the seasons of the year, its potentialities and forces in co-relation with sensorial stimulations.

These artistic practices position themselves alongside performance-oriented waves of Post-dramatic Theatre that dialog with other art forms, such visual art. Combining autodidact artistic practices with somatic approaches and inspirations from Micro-phenomenology, dialogues are furthermore initiated with Eco-phenomenology, Post-humanist, Feminism and Global South epistemologies - so far.

Ethics is considered as cosmological diplomacy to be practiced. How can inquires of belonging to a place go beyond territoriality, ancestrally and one’s livid experience or heritage? Pondering about ancestrally as a cosmologic dance, vocally is awakened by breath while dialoguing with landscapes and other bodies.

This presentation aims to expose a research which is daring to stay longer in its first stage of chaoticity and the vulnerability of expansion. It persists in a process absorbed into an unfolding of unknowns, resisting the production of specificity, clarity and direction.

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Shop Talk

Shop Talk is a platform for KHiO researchers to share work-in-progress for peer input and feedback. Through “idea workshopping”, we tap into and share the wealth of knowledge and experience amassed at KHiO across departments, to support each other in the development of projects, and strengthen the community of artistic research. Uncertainty, incomplete ideas, and questions are all welcome as a basis for discussion and development.

Fernanda Branco

Fernanda Branco is a research fellow at the Academy of Theatre at Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

Fernanda Branco is a performer, gardener and poet based in Norway since 2006, born in Brazil. Her work crosses boundaries between avant-garde theatre and dance. Mostly designed as long durational performances or performative actions, her work positioning itself in the performance field, while occupying a marginal space in free art.

Tackling site-specific approaches, Branco creates weaves poetic narratives throughout actions and installations. Her practice is rooted on movement and voice’s symbiosis.

During her Master studies, Branco practiced a long relationship with the plant flax as artistic material and companion from an ecological and Anthropocene perspectives.

Branco’s artistic Ph.D research practices symbiosis between movement, voice and environment inspired by somatic and micro-phenomenology perspectives, in dialog with narratives and “enchantments”.