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You set the scene

You set the scene

An exhibition with Alejandra Aguilar Caballero, a second year master student in Medium and Material Based Art.

"Sometimes when I think about my childhood and realize the things that make my life what it is now, I can´t help but remember one of the most magical dreams I ever had. I was in the middle of an enormous field. The sky was blue with white and yellowish clouds. Looking around, I couldn´t see mountains, trees, houses, or any other thing, person or animal for that matter. Just grass and sky. I started running through the field until I suddenly stumbled upon a big cliff. I jumped to the other side and continued running. I don´t quite remember what happened after. Where was I? How was I able to imagine such a beautiful landscape? Sometimes I wish I could go back. When I dream I try my hardest to return but I am never able to do it. This overwhelming place is as ephemeral and fragile as my memory. It takes a lot of effort and concentration to remember the feeling of being there. It also changed a little every time I remember it. Will I ever be able to go back?"
Alejandra Aguilar Caballero

Because of the current COVID-19 restrictions in Oslo, we will allow small groups of people inside at a time. Remember to wear a mask and keep distance.