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Silence, so loud

Silence, so loud

Elisa Halvorsen Castillo use the motif of the candle to represent the idea of presence and absence of life.

Elisa is a second year master student in Medium- and Material Based Art.

"I will be showing some of the prints and drawings I have developed as part of my master project. In my research, I use the motif of the candle to represent the idea of presence and absence of life.

Every September 11th, we remember the coup d’état and commemorate those who where tortured, murdered and disappeared in the Chilean Military dictatorship. On that occasion people light candles in former prison camps, torture facilities and other places where human rights were violated by the military regime. After attending every year to this commemorative ceremony, is not strange for me to perceive the candle as a ritual object related to grief and memory.

Because of the current COVID-19 restrictions in Oslo, during the opening I will allow small groups of people inside at a time. You are still very welcome to come! Remember to wear a mask and keep distance."