Critical Costume 2020

Critical Costume 2020 (CC 2020) is a workshop, conference and art exhibition. The conference will inquire how a costume can generate or be the centre in a performance. In the upcoming conference, artists and academics will discuss how the costume actually does so.

What is the role of the costume in a performance? Can, for instance, the costume be at “the centre of gravitation”, as opposed to the text? This is what the project Costume Agency set out to explore in 2018, when project leader and professor in costume design at KHiO, Christina Lindgren, started the project which this year’s Critical Costume conference will explore. 

The conference was initially supposed to be held in Oslo in a physical format, but due to the coronavirus, it will now be hosted in a new format. The conference will consist of a library of pre-recorded videos, series of working group discussions on Zoom, and with a series of panel discussions. 

The conference will be digital, consisting of three parts and an exhibition from August 21st - 23rd 2020:

  • video library of paper presentations and flash talks (pre-recorded)
  • a series of working group meeting/discussions on Zoom (live online)
  • a series of panel discussions (live online)
  • the exhibition will continue as an online exhibition
The conference includes almost 40 digital working group sessions.There will be a total of 12 participants in each working group. The small size of the groups allows all participants to take part in the discussions. Some of the topics in the workings groups include rethinking costume traditions, costume in animation, pop and politics, costume thinking and many more.

More information about Critical Costume 2020: costumeagency.com

Exploring the role of the costume.
An interview with  project leader and professor in costume design at KHiO, Christina Lindgren and Sodja Lotker. 
Sodja is the Course Leader of Master in Directing and Object Theatre, Prague Performing Arts Academy (DAMU).

Costume Agency is supported by Norwegian Artistic Research Program and Oslo National Academy of the Arts. 
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