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Avgang 2018: Sommerforestilling

Critical Costume 2020

Critical Costume 2020 (CC 2020) is a workshop, conference and art exhibition. The conference will inquire how a costume can generate or be the centre in a performance. In the upcoming conference, artists and academics will discuss how the costume actually does so.

What is the role of the costume in a performance? Can, for instance, the costume be at “the centre of gravitation”, as opposed to the text? This is what the project Costume Agency set out to explore in 2018, when project leader and professor in costume design at KHiO, Christina Lindgren, started the project which this year’s Critical Costume conference will explore. 

Critical Costume 2020 (CC 2020) is a conference and art exhibition from August 21st - 23rd, 2020. The Critical Costume Exhibition 2020: Costume Agency featuresmartists stemming from diverse artistic fields—Costume Design, Theater, Fine Art, Fashion, Craft, Jewelry Art, Film—working with costume as their main tool, often as a starting point of a performance, intervention or installation. 

Artists featured in The Critical Costume Exhibition : 
Electric Adam, Katerina Athanasopoulou, Linnea Bågander, BANKLEER, Donatella Barbieri, Lotta Barlach, Constantina Batziou, BETWIXT (Sally Elizabeth Dean/Charlotte Østergaard), Emily Ni Bhroin, Solveig Bygdnes, Emily Collett, Complejo Conejo, Darius Dolatyari-Dolatdoust, Patrick Du Wors, Ingvill Fossheim, Georgia Frew, Tjasa Frumen, Emilio Lopez, Mario di Francesco, Maria Celina Gil, Tomi Humalisto, Mia Jalerva, Silke Kästner, Daphne Karstens, Robert Levroos, Christina Lindgren, Susan Marshall, Tainá Macêdo, Pirjo Yli Maunula, Laura Martínez, Clare McGarrigle, Andrés Morales, Alexandra Murray-Leslie, Fruzsina Nagy, Louie Zalk Neale, Olga Nten, Yuka Oyama, Sofia Pantouvaki, Simona Rybáková, Nermine Said, Gabi Schillig, Judith Seng, Julia Simmen, Dawn Summerlin and Pirjo Valinen.

Please join the following events on

  • A performance by Becker/ Langgård on August 21st at 2 pm CEST online
  • Online exhibition presenting artists working with costume as their main tool, often as a starting point of a performance, intervention or installation. The Exhibition opens August 21st at 12.00 noon
  • A video library with presentations in critical and artistic thinking on costume design
  • Participators will join working groups and discuss the topic of ´the agency of costume´ in the period August 21st until 23rd 2020. These groups are all fully booked. 

Critical Costume 2020 is hosted by Costume Agency Artistic Research Project. Convenours Christina Lindgren and Sodja Lotker. Yuka Oyama Curator of the Exhibition.

More information about Critical Costume 2020:

Exploring the role of the costume.
An interview with  project leader and professor in costume design at KHiO, Christina Lindgren and Sodja Lotker. 
Sodja is the Course Leader of Master in Directing and Object Theatre, Prague Performing Arts Academy (DAMU).

Costume Agency is supported by Norwegian Artistic Research Program and Oslo National Academy of the Arts. 
More information about Costume Agency