Avgang 2020: Book launch - AVGNAG 2020

Welcome to the launch of AVGNAG 2020, a publication initiated by the graduating bachelor students of Fine Arts.

Due to the pandemic, the students had to cancel their long planned degree show in May this year. As a response, the students decided to come together and make an alternative. AVGNAG 2020 is a massive publication, featuring individual and collaborative works by all graduating BFA students. The launch at Kunstnernes Hus, as part of the Master students Avgangsutstillingen 2020 program, features readings from the book and performances by participating students.

Program - Aug 15th

Please come early, due to Covid19 restrictions all visitors needs to be registered.

Welcome and introduction by curator Ebba Moi and student Magnar Grønvik Müller.

Performance program:
Zoi Johansson: Att florera i skarven mellan två kulturer, text reading.
Karin Keisu & Josse Thuresson: Tidslinje (jag talar flytande lojalitet), text reading
Mattias Hellberg & Zoi Johansson: Vi må kjempe for retten til å feste, excerpt from Slaget om Showbaren, performance and more.

Publication contributors:
Erik Aronsson
David Tobias Bonde Jensen
Vagnur Dam
Fanny Fermelin
Magnar Grønvik Müller
Mattias Hellberg
Jenny Hviding
Zoi Johansson
Karin Keisu
Mikael Munz Bakketun
Magnus Andreas Hagen Olsen
Esra Düzen
Maria Saxegaard
Martine Stenberg
Sigrid Stokker
Markus Sundberg
Luca Sørheim
Josse Thuresson
Lesia Vasylchenko

Edited by Karin Keisu, Josse Thuresson and Magnus Andreas Hagen Olsen

Curated by Ebba Moi