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Lecture and workshop with Franziska Baumann

Lecture and workshop with Franziska Baumann

In relation to Kristin Norderval's research project at KHiO, Electrifying Opera: Amplifying Agency, Franziska Baumann, will deliver a lecture and workshop .

Part 1: Lecture/performance/presentation –Voice & Sensor Live Electronics by Franziska Baumann

In her lecture Franziska Baumann will discuss her work as a composer and vocalist specializing in gesture based live electronics. Her research interests include the intersection of philosophy and performance in technology informed environments, and the role of the body in the age of technological change. She has composed a large body of works in which she processes her voice and plays samples using a MacBook Pro with Steim’s software JunXion and Ableton Live software and gesture-controlled MIDI instruments.

The performance-lecture-presentation reflects relations between embodied acoustic voice and disembodied spatialized voices by means of gestural communication via SensorGlove interface. The interface between her as a singer and the performing system is part of an integrated system which serves communication.

Part 2 Workshop – Contemporary Vocal Arts Practice & Improvisation

This workshop gives a multifaceted insight into contemporary vocal improvisation and vocal performance: vocal warm up, various singing techniques and expanding the vocal spectrum (emotions, energetic qualities, physicality, gestures), searching for spontaneous, emotional voice in sophisticated, archaic or everyday expression. Exploring sounds and noises, melodies, yodeling, language and the unexpected is part in the musical process. Improvisational techniques on the basis of modules and ideas lead to group performances in order to research and uncover spheres of the human voice in a playful context.


Franziska Baumann is internationally acclaimed vocalist-performer-composer. She works in many fields including free improvisation, acoustic vocal performance, vocal performance art with live electronics, sound installation and interdisciplinary work.


Part 1 (10:30am – 11:30am): Lecture/performance/presentation, Introduction to the artist. Looking at the interface and the equipment. Discussion

Part 2 (11:30am – 1pm): Workshop Contemporary Vocal Arts Practice & Improvisation

Place: Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, room: scene 6

Participant fee: Free of charge

Registration: Please send an email to, with a few lines about yourself and why you wish to join.

This performance lecture is a part of the VårFEST 2020 festival, where Franziska also will be performing at Sentralen 2nd April.