Sigurd Strøm

Sigurd Strøm (b. 1965) is a furniture and product designer based in Oslo. He studied at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and graduated with MA in interior architecture and furniture design in 1992.

Strøm has a broad experience of exhibiting and working internationally with his design for industrial production. Today he runs his own studio, is partner of both DSGNKNTR and BY CORPORATION AS. From 1992 to 2011 he has had different positions in the Department of Art and Craft (e.g. Professor of Form, 2008 – 2011) and accepted the post for Professor of Furniture and Product Design in the Department of Design in 2011. His pedagogical approach is conceptual thinking through practice-based teaching.

For his company BY CORPORATION AS the main philosophy is to embrace brilliant ideas from young designers that normally will not be put into production, help developing them for production and realize them through this brand. To combine functionality and aesthetics with a meta-dimension the customers are offered a dimension, which normally lacks within product design (

As board member of both Designers Saturday Oslo and Møbelkraft Strøm focuses on facilitating arenas for young designers through exhibitions and workshops in order to connect designers and manufacturers both nationally and internationally.


  • ON - modulært sofasystem (2020).
    Modell (arkitektur). Les mer
  • St.Hanshaugen Flisespikkeri AS ( (2019).
    Modell (arkitektur). Les mer
  • Revolt (2018).
    Annet produkt. Les mer
  • You´re not to... (2018).
    Annen presentasjon. Les mer
  • OFF (2015).
    Annet produkt. Les mer
  • Eames i omløp : en samtale mellom Theodor Barth og Sigurd Strøm (2015).
    Faglig foredrag. Les mer
  • Rise of the Haptagon (2014).
    Visuell kunst. Les mer
  • En bedre designkritikk (2014).
    Kronikk. Les mer
  • By Corporation (2013).
    Kunstutstilling. Les mer
  • Møbeldesignutdanningen ved Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo (2012).
    Fagartikkel. Les mer