Open Call: We Need to Talk

Call for submissions for the exhibition “We Need To Talk”, December 8-11 at Galleri Seilduken 2. Deadline for proposals: October 17.

Show us magic. Be incorrect. Take us to the edge. Tease us. Hurt us. Seduce us. Give us butterflies. Remind us of our ex. Make us desire. Make us hate love. Make us love you.

We Need To Talk is a group exhibition that addresses the subject of love, publicly and unapologetically. This exhibition aims at starting a dialogue on the subject, and expressing the spectrum of experiences love can bring in all their rawness, complexity, warmth and freakiness.

Because this exhibition is meant to be platform for open discussion, the identity of all participating artists will be kept anonymous, even from the curators. In doing so we hope to offer a platform for being as free, suggestive, even gauche as possible to generate some discussion.

This exhibition is organised and curated by Alejandra Torres and Gabrielle Paré.

The deadline for proposals is: October 17, 2016 at 23:59 (GMT+2)

In the interest of complete anonymity, applicants are asked to submit their proposals from a fake email address.

Please submit the following in a pdf document:

  • a description of your proposed artwork (100 words max)
  • title, dimensions, materials
  • up to 3 images or sketches of the proposed artwork (72dpi, 2MB max)
  • for video work, please send a link to the video on youtube or vimeo. Be sure to send any passwords for password-protected content.

Please email your application to More info.


  • October 17 - Deadline for proposals
  • October 21 - Selected artists will be contacted
  • November 22 - Deadline to submit finished artworks
  • December 8 - Opening Reception
  • December 9-11 - Exhibition Open, 12pm-5pm