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Open call: Between the Lines

The Academy of Fine Art in Oslo has initiated a temporary working group to mobilise intersectional solidarity in the wake of the historical moment brought about by the #MeToo campaign.

Deadline for contributions: 23rd of January, 2018

So far there has not been a joint manifestation for the field of visual art in Norway, and as a modest starting point for what we hope will be a broader movement, we would like to call for artists to submit contributions to the poster project BETWEEN THE LINES. The raised awareness of the problematic power dynamics still at play in society and its institutions calls for change. Structural issues related to sexism, racism, homophobia, and class conflicts must be confronted and replaced by fair alternatives.

We are inspired by See Red Women’s Workshop ( operating in the UK from the early 70’s to 1990 with a focus on defying the sexist images of women and creating positive and strong alternatives. This is one out of hopefully many initiatives that will discuss and take part in documenting the stories of our time, voicing change and imagine a more constructive and fair model of power distribution, both within the field of visual art, interpersonal relationships, and society at large.

This is an open call to artists on the Norwegian art scene; to students, faculty, alumni, associates and friends – everyone who feels invested in the issue of mobilising solidarity for a different future. We hope for a range of contributions that will inspire and enlighten our mutual pursuit of change.


The initial stage of presentation will take place during a public manifestation at The Academy of Fine Art where the posters will be shown all together. (More information to come). If any artists are interested in lending their works for another month, those works will be exhibited at various locations at the school in order to be integrated into the everyday life of the educational institution.

Venue: The Reception Gallery, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
Exhibition period: 10. – 17. February, 2018
Vernissage and opening event: 10. February at 2pm

We accept all contributions and will produce five prints of each poster, which are the property of the artists and to be collected after the exhibition period. We are currently not able to offer a fee, but we hope to be able to compile the images in a publication at a later stage and will get back to all contributing artists with more information regarding this.

The posters will be produced on a risograph and the academy will cover the expenses related to the production and exhibition. The posters will be printed in A2 format.


The image design is open for interpretation but should be related to the project's theme. Please refrain from any naming and shaming.

All techniques are welcome but you can only submit a work to be printed in one colour – either black, red, yellow or blue. Please specify which colour you prefer your work to be printed in.

• The scanned or computer generated image file should be a greyscale A2-sized PDF. Please don't send us files that are larger than 300 dpi. A lower resolution might work, but make sure the file is of good enough resolution to be printed.

• Please submit your file as a zipped pdf to the following email address with the appropriate credit line for the work.

Deadline for contributions is 23rd of January, 2018!


Hanan Benammar, Liv Bugge, Ane Graff, Stine Hebert & Marianne Heier