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Fikk FKDS-stipendet for eksamensprosjekt

FKDS-stipendet 2020 går til avgangsstudent på master i design, Veronika Kocharikova.

Fondet for kunst- og designstudenter (FKDS) har som formål å støtte studenter ved avdelingene for Kunstakademiet, Kunst og håndverk og Design gjennom ulike stipendordninger. Stipender blir utdelt en gang i året, og denne gangen var det  Veronika Kocharikova, avgangsstudent på master i design som gikk til topps.

Juryens begrunnelse:

"In the project “Making use of the water in your boots” Veronica Kocharikova draws insights which is very relevant for today’s ecological discussion in design and artistic research. The project investigates whether or not in today’s world a distinction can be made between the social impact of garments and domestic production, and if or how it changes our ability to perceive and communicate with them. Through extensive research, fieldwork and making the project explores and conveys how values of traditional and local knowledge and craftsmanship in domestic production could be applied to fashion design. The project is a study of primary cut garments and follows a group of elderly women in Radosovce, a Slovak village, where the domestic garment making and the creation of textiles has a long-lived tradition unaffected by mass-consumption, as they dedicate a lifetime to making all of their garments at home. A close and deep familiarity with this tradition is used to set up a laboratory of making primary cut garments by hand at home. The title “Making use of the water in your boots” and the relevance of the subject was further amplified by restrictions of confinement due to Covid -19. The outcome of this project is a conceptual collection of handmade garments that critically discuss their relation to today`s industrial system and society at large."

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