How to use the online application portal Søknadsweb

Please read these instructions for KHiOs online application carefully before you begin.

1. Login

Log in to Søknadsweb

Choose language at the top right corner. 

If you do not have a Norwegian National ID number

If you do not have a Norwegian National Identification Number, select "International Applicant" on the right side of the page, which will take you to the International Login and registration page. If you have applied previously, log in with the same info (request new password if you forgot). If you are a new user, click on "Register New International Applicant".

Once you have registered your name and contact information, you will receive an e-mail with a link and password for login. Follow the directions provided in the email.

If you have changed your e-mail address since the last time you applied, please do not register as a new user on Søknadsweb before you have contacted us.

If you have a Norwegian National ID number

Choose "National Identifier and PIN".

Enter your National ID and a four digit PIN-code. If you have applied last year, Søknadsweb remembers your PIN. If not, click "Register new user".

The PIN is personal and you may change it at any time. If you forget it, you can request a new code per email.

Søknadsweb will send you several e-mails from the address Since these can end up in your spam filter, you should regularly check your spam folder or preferable add to your contact list.

2. My profile

This is where you enter your personal information - check and update your address and contact information. It is important that this information is current; this is how we will contact you throughout the application process.

You will be asked if you will allow exchange of exam results with other institutions. This is only relevant if you have previously attended school in Norway. If you answer "Yes" to this question, you will allow the Academy to gather exam-information about you from other Norwegian institutions.

3. New application

Since the Academy offers a large number of programmes, you must first choose the level of your preferred programme, and then choose the correct admission. You confirm the programme under the heading Choose application alternative. Click Save to proceed to the next step.

4. Upload supporting documents

Carefully read the instructions for the programme or programmes you have chosen to make sure you upload the right documents. Check that the documents are easy to read and that all information is included. If you are scanning several pages from the same document, they should be combined in one file. We prefer the documents to have a resolution fitting to be displayed onscreen and not be too big. The maximum indidvidual file size is 15 MB.

Name the documents as described on the website about admissions of the study programme you are applying for. This is especially important if you are applying to several programmes with separate entrance examinations!

If you later wish to add documents, click on “My Documents” on the black menu line at the top of the screen.

5. Receipt

Once you have registered your application, you will be sent to a receipt page. The receipt includes an application number, which you will need when you fill out the application attachment (does not apply to exchange programmes).

You can view your receipt on the page "My applications". An application registration receipt will also be sent automatically to your email address.

6. My applications

Once you have registered an application, you can log in to Søknadsweb at any time and select "My applications" from the top left menu to view your application status.

Withdrawal and changes

You can also withdraw your application. Note that by selecting this option, ALL registered applications will be withdrawn.

If you only wish to withdraw from one application option, or change the order of preferences, you can do this by selecting "CHANGE APPLICATION."

Withdrawal and changes are only possible before the application deadline.

7. Multiple applications

If you have applied to one Master programme and also wish to apply to another Bachelor programme, log in to Søknadsweb, select "New Application" from the black menu line at the top and follow the same procedures as listed above.

Important! If you apply for more than one programme, you will get different applicant numbers. All your documents will be shared between all programmes so it is very important to name the files according to the guidelines!

8. Offer of admission

Check your application status regularly. Once admissions are completed, offers of admission or to be placed on the waiting list will be posted on Søknadsweb and we will also notify you by e-mail. 

If you have received an offer of admission, you will have to accept or decline the offer within the stated deadline.

If you have been placed on a waiting list, you must also accept or decline this.