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Nordic Choreographic Project II

ECTS Credits
Course code
Included in study programme
Master’s in choreography

Brief course description

The Nordic Choreographic Project (NCP) course is offered in partnership with the Master of Choreography programmes in Stockholm, Sweden (DOCH); Helsinki, Finland (TEAK); and Copenhagen, Denmark (DASPA). NCP will consist of various courses that will vary in format and be carried out while studying at different sites in the Nordic region. The students will thereby be given the chance to participate in several choreographic learning environments, meet fellow students and teachers of choreography in the respective countries, and visit a variety of events and performance venues for choreography in the region. The strength of the academic and professional networks and the course’s modules will help ease the students’ transition from an educational setting to a professional career. Through insight into similarities and differences in choreographic concerns in the Nordic countries, including insight into various discourses within the field of choreographic educations and the field of artistic research, the students’ perspectives on the field of choreography will broaden, both educationally and professionally.

During the second year, the course will normally be taught at the other two NCP institutions that did not organise first-year-teaching in the course. The course’s learning outcomes build on what they did the first year, and reinforce the process of becoming familiar with the various learning environments in the network, and performance venues and local organisers in the Nordic region. Upon completing the second year, students will have had the opportunity to study abroad at all the partner institutions within the Nordic network.

The course’s learning outcomes

The course’s learning outcomes are described as follows:


Upon completing the course, students shall

  • be well-acquainted with the various qualities of the learning environments in the Nordic network
  • have knowledge of important performance venues for choreography in the Nordic region


Upon completing the course, students shall

  • be able to identify and discuss similarities and dissimilarities in the use of artistic research and educational methods within the choreographic field
  • have experience presenting and sharing choreographic experiments and works in a Nordic and international context

General competence

Upon completing the course, students shall

  • have competence in participating in various learning environments and choreographic discourses, and in developing new Nordic collaborative constellations and strategies
  • have acquired a solid choreographic network in the Nordic region

Teaching and learning methods

The course’s working methods may alternate between teacher-led instruction, supervision and independent work.

The learning methods may be more process-oriented and include practical exercises, creative assignments, workshops, project-oriented group work, seminars, lectures, teacher-led instruction, supervision, fieldwork, visits to institutions, excursions, and independent study. As part of the coursework, the students will share results or experiences from the process with others by documenting their own process, whether in writing, orally, performatively and/or through audiovisual means. The teaching will take place three to four weeks per year at various venues in the Nordic region with the other Nordic Master of Choreography programmes that participate in the NCP network.

The course requirements are

  • mandatory attendance and active participation
  • completion of mandatory assignments


All course requirements must be approved in order for a student to receive a final course assessment.

The student’s coursework is assessed on an ongoing basis. The ongoing assessment is based on supervision, educators’ assessments, group discussions and independent reflection on one’s artistic development as seen in relation to the course’s learning outcomes.

The course is graded pass/fail.