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Tekstilarbeider av Andrea Andersen, fra "Jamsis", avgangsutstillingen bachelor i medium- og materialbasert kunst, 2022.
Tekstilarbeider av Andrea Andersen, fra "Jamsis", avgangsutstillingen bachelor i medium- og materialbasert kunst, 2022.

BFA in Medium- and Material Based Art

The Bachelor programme offers specialist art training in ceramics, textile, print and drawing, metal and jewellery.

Study programme title
BFA in Medium- and Material Based Art
Study programme code
Nominal length of study
3 years full-time
Language of instruction
Application deadline
02 April 2024

The programme consists of a number of core subjects that are complemented by various optional courses. Craft-based investigations of materials and the development of a relevant conceptual framework are central to the programme. Writing and theoretical reflection are important aspects of the studies. Over the course of the programme, students will develop confidence in one or more fields of specialisation and establish a considered relationship to craft, art history and contemporary art. The workshops are run by highly skilled technicians, and the students have access to both traditional tools and advanced, contemporary technology. The teaching staff impart their expertise and artistic research through practical demonstrations, specialist courses and individual supervision. The BFA programme in medium and material-based art is a three-year, full-time course.

The programme ends in a graduation/degree exhibition. Read about last year's exhibition here.


At the BFA in Medium- and Material Based Art you can specialize in Ceramics.

Ceramic art encompasses a broad array of artistic approaches to the use of clay and ceramics. Ceramic art is closely connected to the field of contemporary craft as well as to fine art and design, and it has played an influential role throughout art history. In this specialisation you will work on your own individual projects under the supervision of professional, practising artists. The wide range of skill sets to be found among the section’s staff within ceramics allows our students to approach the field in a variety of ways. We actively draw upon our contacts in the international ceramics art community in lectures and seminars, as well as in the guise form of invited guest artists.

By working hands-on in the workshops, you will explore materials, techniques and conceptual strategies and methods with an eye towards becoming more aware of your own artistic idiom and style. The overall goal of the teaching is to provide broad insight into the field of ceramic art, in addition to providing you with the knowledge and skills that are needed to work as a professional ceramic artist.


At the BFA in Medium- and Material Based Art you can specialize in Textile.

Textile art represents a way of thinking, creating, writing and expressing ourselves. In this specialisation, you will learn to dye fibres using chemical recipes and plants, spin yarn and read philosophy, art history and political theory. Weaving, prints and embroidery all serve to express our ideas in multi-layered ways.

At the Academy, textile art is taught through practical instruction in workshops and through seminars where students learn about textile practices, dying, analogue and digital weaving, silk screens, digital/analogue textile prints and digital/analogue embroidery. We are regularly visited by national and international guest artists, curators and theorists. As a student you will be supervised both individually and in groups. We also have auditorium-based teaching in theory and art history.

Metal and Jewellery

At the BFA in Medium- and Material Based Art you can specialize in Metal and Jewellery.

We offer Norway’s only higher education art programme that specialises in jewellery art and object design. Jewellery creates identity and is personal, but it is worn and communicated in a social setting. Objects, corpora and sculptures are also conveyors of meaning, with tradition serving as the basis for innovation and artistic processes. This specialisation also explores site-specific art and public art.

The teaching is based on artistic praxis with a focus on craft and materials, in parallel with art theory and methodology. Experimentation and exploration, both practical and conceptual, are strongly emphasised. The Academy’s workshops are unique, and as a student you will have the opportunity to learn more about techniques such as soldering, founding, forging, welding and patinating. You will primarily work on individual projects under the supervision of professional practitioners. We organise seminars, lectures and discussions. As a student you will benefit from a large professional network and a wealth of international guest teachers.


Curriculum not available in English. Language of instruction is Norwegian.

Course Structure

Course code Course name ECTS Credits
MK101 Artistic Practice 1 18
MK102 Writing Practice 1 5
MK103 Contextualizing 1 5
MK104 Group Critiques 1 2
MK111 Artistic Practice 2 18
MK112 Writing Practice 2 5
MK113 Contextualizing 2 5
MK114 Group Critiques 2 2
Course code Course name ECTS Credits
MK201 Artistic Practice 3 18
MK202 Writing Practice 3 5
MK203 Contextualizing 3 5
MK204 Group Critiques 3 2
MK211 Artistic Practice 4 18
MK212 Writing Practice 4 5
MK213 Contextualizing 4 5
MK214 Group Critiques 4 2
Course code Course name ECTS Credits
MK301 Artistic Practice 5 18
MK302 Writing Practice 5 5
MK303 Contextualizing 5 5
MK304 Group Critiques 5 2
MK311 Artistic Practice 6 18
MK312 Writing Practice 6 5
MK314 Group Critiques 6 2
MK315 Exhibition Practices 1 5


These exchange agreements are valid for bfa in medium- and material based art:


The application deadline was 02 April 2024. New application deadlines are announced early in the Autumn Semester.