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Student exchange

Studying abroad as part of a degree will give the students an opportunity to gain new academic perspectives, establish an international network, return motivated and independent, improve their language skills and discover a new culture.

The Oslo National Academy of Arts has an extensive student and staff exchange programme with Art and Design schools across several continents. We are part of the Erasmus+ and Nordplus programmes and also have bilateral agreements with institutions outside of Europe.

How to apply

The deadline to apply for student exchange is 1 October for the Spring semester and 1 April for the Autumn semester. The application portal for exchange Springsemester will open 1 September.
Nominations must also be sent before the deadline, see information below regarding nominations.                                                                  

Due to the uncertain situation surrounding covid-19, there are some extra considerations:

All applications must be registered and uploaded to our application portal. (Make sure to choose Exchange Studies.)

Please make sure you apply for the correct programme! If you submit your application to a different programme than you intended, it may not be assessed. You must familiarize yourself with our study portfolio before you begin your application process.

Application requirements

The following needs to be uploaded for your application to be complete:

  • Portfolio (Design, Art and Craft, Fine Arts) or video (Theatre, Dance, Opera)
  • Letter of motivation
  • Letter of recommendation
  • CV with photograph
Additional requirements for Bachelor Programme in Contemporary Dance and Bachelor Programme in Jazz Dance

Applicants should submit links to two videoclips (each not exceeding 3 minutes), one from a formal dance class, one free of choice. Letter of motivation and letter of recommendation should reflect upon the programme’s broad approach including training in various disciplines and traditions


Your home institution has to nominate you by sending an e-mail to with the following information:

  • Full name of applicant
  • Date of birth
  • Citizenship
  • Study programme at home institution
  • Study programme applied for at KHiO
  • Current semester at home institution
  • Semester applied for at KHiO

If your home institution does not nominate you for an exchange, your application will not be assessed.

The total size of uploaded files may not exceed 100 MB. You may submit images, text (in PDF format) or video. For applications containing video, the total duration may not exceed 3 minutes.

If you have video or audio files that exceed 15 MB, these files must be uploaded to the Internet, i.e your own website, Vimeo, Youtube or similar. You cannot apply with more than 3 minutes of video. You are solely responsible for ensuring that the URL given is correct, that the website works and that your works can be viewed in a standard web browser.

Please note that we are able to accept only 1-2 exchange students per study program per semester!

Practical information

Please have a look at our International Student's Handbook for general information for international students at KHiO and in Norway. Below you can read information specific to incoming exchange students.

Tuition fee/Semester fee

The Oslo National Academy of the Arts is publicly funded and has no tuition fee.

However, it is possible that exchange students may have to pay tuition fee to their home institutions. Contact the international coordinator at your home institution for more information.

If you are an exchange student through a bilateral agreement such as Erasmus, you will not have to pay the semester fee to the Oslo National Academy of the Arts but to your home institution. Free movers must pay the semester fee, which is currently approx. NOK 700.

Academic system

Bachelor level (undergraduate, 3 years): 180 ECTS credits
Master level (graduate, 2 years): 120 ECTS credits

Grading system

The students’ academic performance is in general assessed as either Passed or Failed. Most courses will not give grades according to a graded scale.

Courses are measured in credits according to the ECTS standard. The full-time workload for one academic year is 60 ECTS and for one semester 30 ECTS.

Visa & Residence permit

Please consult the International Student's Handbook.


As a student at The Oslo National Academy of the Arts you are eligible for accommodation through The Foundation for Student Life in Oslo (SiO).

You should apply for housing as soon as you receive the offer for an exchange. SiO will then send you a contract. The accommodation SiO offers you may be different from the one you applied for. You should accept the offer, as you will not be guaranteed accommodation if you decline.


Our courses are mainly in Norwegian, but English is also commonly used. In fact, a significant percentage of KHiO students do not speak Norwegian. Most incoming exchange students get by just fine with English.


Unfortunately KHiO does not offer any scholarships for incoming exchange students. Please contact your home institution.

14 days before study start you can activate your IT account and gain access to the schools IT services. Please follow the instructions given on the IT website for students.

Erasmus+ Learning Agreement

Incoming Erasmus+ exchange students must use the Online Learning Agreement (OLA).

How to prepare and approve your OLA

  1. You can start your OLA when we have published the courses you get admitted to on Studentweb.
  2. You fill in your OLA and sign it online.
  3. Your home institution will automatically receive a notification by e-mail to sign your OLA once you have signed it.
  4. KHiO will automatically receive a notification by e-mail to sign your OLA once your home university has signed it.
  5. Once KHiO has signed it, your OLA is complete.

How do I fill in my OLA?

Step 1: Student

  • Academic year: 2021/2022

Step 2: Sending institution

  • Make sure the email address of your contact person at home is correct.

Step 3: Receiving institution

  • Receiving institution name: KUNSTHOGSKOLEN I OSLO KHIO (N OSLO07)
  • Faculty/department: The Academy of Fine Art / Design / Dance / Art and Craft / The Academy of Opera / The Academy of Theatre
  • Contact person: Fill in your contact person at KHiO. Find this in your acceptance mail.

Step 4: Proposed Mobility Programme

  • Table A: Study programme at the receiving institution: list the courses you will take at the host institution:
    Log on to Studentweb (login details will be sent in a separate mail) and see which courses you have been admitted to. Fill these in the OLA.
  • Table B: Recognition at the sending institution: list the courses at your home university that will be substituted. Ask the coordinator at your home institution if you are unsure.
  • Planned period of the mobility: Find this in your acceptance mail.

Step 5: Commitment

  • Make sure that you sign your OLA. It is only when you have signed it that the coordinator at your home university will be able to sign. Your home university will then receive your OLA by email from the Erasmus Dashboard.

Study start

Welcome to study start Autumn 2022 at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. We look forward to see you!

We'll start the semester with a "Meet and Greet" meeting for all of our semester exchange students on Friday 19th August at 12 PM. Please be in the reception hall at the Academy a few minuttes before 12 PM and we'll meet you there. 

The official study start at the Academy is Monday 22nd August. You will receive information from your department regarding the schedule for the semester start week.  

Please notice that 14 days before study start you can activate your IT account and gain access to the schools IT services. Follow the instructions given on the IT website for students.