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Heidi Marian Haraldsen

Heidi Marian Haraldsen is elected as Pro-Rector at KHiO.

Haraldsen is Associate Professor in Education/Pedagogy and Head of the teacher certification program "Educational theory and practice in dance and theatre" at KHiO. At KHiO she has taught and worked with research in art education and educational psychology since 2008. Heidi has a bachelor's degree in Dance from the Academy of Dance at KHiO. She has long experience as an artist, practicing as a dance teacher, choreographer, and dance performer with a special interest in artistic community work. Her academic background stem from the University of Oslo, the Faculty of Educational Sciences; where she completed her degree (cand. ed.) with a dissertation of aesthetic education and aesthetic learning. She has also worked as editor and co-author for teaching materials in dance subjects through the book series Scenetreff at Tell publishing company. Heidi completed her doctoral thesis at Norwegian School of Sport Sciences in 2019 on talent development in a comparative perspective on performing arts and sport. Her research is within performance psychology and concerns the role of personal and environmental factors in elite youth performers' quality of motivation, performance and mental health.

Ongoing research project

REDE - Resilienceand Ethics in Dance Education

REDE is an overarching research project initiated by the academy of dance, at Oslo National Academy of Arts (KHiO). The REDE project aims to produce knowledge and applied research in order to empower dance students and strengthen their future professional potential.

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Research results

  • Talangutveckling med hela människan i fokus (2022).
    Popular scientific article. More
  • State of the Art Symposium: Resilience and Ethics in Dance Education (2022).
    Academic lecture. More
  • Resilience and Ethics in Dance Education - Scoping Review (2021).
    Report. More
  • Å ha det bra og prestere bra! Læringskultur, motivasjon, og mestring i kunstopplæring (2021).
    Lecture. More
  • An exploration of reciprocity between female athletes and their coach in elite junior swimming: a shared reality theory perspective (2021).
    Academic article. More
  • Prestasjonskulturer i utøvende kunstutdanninger - en kritisk refleksjon (2021).
    Popular scientific lecture. More
  • Narrative Tensions in Strained Junior Elite Performers' Experiences of Becoming Elite Performers (2021).
    Academic article. More
  • For å prestere bra, må du ha det bra! -Motivasjon, læringskultur og psykisk helse hos unge utøvere i talentutviklingsprogrammer innen utøvende kunst og idrett. (2021).
    Popular scientific lecture. More
  • TALENTUTVIKLING SOM DYNAMISK PROSESS - motivasjon, læringsprosesser og psykisk helse hos unge utøvere i talentutviklingsprogrammer innen kunstfag og idrett (2020).
    Lecture. More
  • Et dypdykk i medaljens bakside- Hvordan mønstre av hvem du er og hvor du er påvirker unge eliteutøveres motivasjon, prestasjon og psykiske helse (2020).
    Popular scientific article. More