Sharing Choreographic Concerns

Master students in choreography will highlight and explain choreographic issues and interests.

Sharing Choreographic Concerns is the result of a 5-week exploration of choreographic interests, as part of subject Master Project 1. In Sharing, we will highlight and explain choreographic issues and interests, giving the audience an insight into the early process of our six different artistic interests. Each choreographer will present 15 minutes of their own artistic explorations.

Sharing is also an introduction to Artistic Research Week at KHiO. We wish to build bridges between the master's studies, academic communities, the public, and artistic research and development work.

By: Lisa Colette Bysheim, Georgina Dobre, Mariko Miyata Jancey, Tendai Malvine Makurumbandi, Viktoria Torp Sergiev and Ruoxi Yang. Supervisor: Anne Grete Eriksen.

No reservations/ free seminar