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Art Practice 4

ECTS Credits
Course code
Included in study programme
MFA in Medium- and Material Based Art

Brief course description

Students will finalise their individual Master projects. The main supervisor and lecturers in the relevant area of specialisation will assist the students in advancing their Master projects up to the point of the final exam and presentation in the graduation show, in collaboration and dialogue with the curator/coordinator. This includes submission of a critical reflection paper/exam project, documentation and artwork for exam participation. The project must be finalised by the given deadlines

The course’s learning outcomes

Upon completion of the course, students shall be able to:

  • develop and complete art works and art projects
  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of materials and technical skills at a high professional level
  • demonstrate advanced knowledge of the methodological, theoretical, and cultural significance of themes relating to their art practice and area of specialisation
  • develop and complete a major independent art project presented in a professional context
  • demonstrate knowledge of artistic research through their artistic practice

Teaching and learning methods

Consists of independent work, tutorials with the main tutor and other teaching staff. The interconnected teaching/learning methods include individual tutorials, student presentations, group tutorials and critiques, lectures, workshops, text production, participation in exhibitions, etc.

Students are encouraged to have tutorials with other teaching staff and visiting art professionals. Student-initiated and student-led projects are encouraged.

Study requirements:

  • Active participation
  • Completed work assignments, submission of written papers and thesis, presentations


The study requirements for the course have to be approved in order for the student to receive the final assessment.

The final examination involves the assessment of the courses Art Practice 4 and Exhibition practice 3.

Examination procedure: prior to the final examination the student shall submit their examination thesis/essay, consisting of between 5 – 18 standard A4 pages of text. The text is a complement to the student’s artwork, and shall include an expanded artist’s statement, critical reflections on their artistic practice, contextual references, and a summary of the student’s studies as a whole.

For the final examination the student shall complete and present their art work, installed and presented in a suitable exhibition context (gallery, outdoor space, etc.) Additional background and supplementary material documenting the process can also be presented to the examiners.

Two external examiners and the student’s main tutor conduct the examination. The examination follows the specified examination procedure.

The final examination of the student’s work is assessed in accordance with the learning outcomes for the courses and the assessment criteria for the examination.

Marks given are Pass or Fail.