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Independent Project

ECTS Credits
Course code
Included in study programme
Master’s in dance

Brief course description

The Independent Project course (i.e. the Master’s project) is a specialization that focuses on the development of a work of performative dance. By applying and integrating insight from the programme’s other courses, the students shall plan, explore, develop and realise an artistic problem of their own choosing. The course greatly emphasises the students’ artistic individuality and independence, and students are expected to be able to demonstrate maturity and reflection in their solutions and choices.

The project may be an independent investigation or part of a larger artistic project. The work may include collaboration with a choreographer, fellow students or other artistic partners. The work will normally be done internally at the Academy but may in exceptional cases be done in cooperation with an institution/actor in the professional field.

The Independent Project shall be carried out in line with ethical requirements and guidelines, and a particular emphasis is placed on the positive collaboration with others involved, artistically and technically.

The artistic work is the main part of the Independent Project, but in addition the student shall document, submit and present a reflection on both the process and the outcome. Students will be able to relate knowledge and skills from the Performance Theory and Philosophical Aesthetics course to their own artistic work.

The course’s learning outcomes

Upon completing the course, students shall

  • be able to formulate, document and present artistic problems and demonstrate critical reflection, artistic integrity and maturity
  • be able to carry out an independent artistic research and development from idea to final outcome
  • be able to integrate movement qualities and convey a full performative expression
  • demonstrate good collaborative skills in artistic work processes
  • be able to work as an independent, creative and reflective dance artist in highly complex works

Teaching and learning methods

The coursework will consist of independent work and supervision. It may also include teacher-led instruction. The course’s working methods will primarily be independent artistic work, project work, written work and independent study.

For their Independent Project, each student shall have a supervisor affiliated with the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Students are responsible for their own progression in the Independent Project, and must themselves see to that they regularly meet with and submit material to their supervisor so that the planned progression is maintained. Any changes to the project description must be approved by the programme coordinator.

The course requirements are

  • submission of an independent artistic work
  • submission of a written reflection
  • mandatory attendance and active participation in the course


All coursework requirements must be fulfilled in order for the student to receive the final course assessment.

The student’s coursework will be assessed on an ongoing basis. The ongoing assessment is based on supervision, teacher assessments, group discussions and independent reflection on one’s academic development as seen in relation to the course’s learning outcomes.

In addition to the ongoing assessments in the course, there will be an assessment of the artistic part and the written reflection of the Independent Project. The assessment is made on the basis of the course’s learning outcomes and how these are expressed in the Independent Project.

The Independent Project will be assessed by a panel consisting of an external examiner and two internal examiners. Both the artistic work and the written reflection must be passed in order for the student to pass the course.

The course is graded pass/fail.