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General information about the workshops

The Workshops at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts give students and staff the opportunity to work with a great variety of materials and techniques, both traditional and modern. Most workshops require safety courses to gain access. A few resources are tied directly to certain departments, and some tools are operated by the workshop master only. Safety courses are arranged on a regular basis, and may be reserved for certain groups of students. Check the individual workshop webpages for more information.

Workshop team leaders

Sølve Sand Venås

Brynhild Kristine Seim

Jennie Steen

Health & Safety

The general regulations for the workshops at KHiO are to ensure the safety and well being of students and staff. In addition, each workshop has individual rules and routines adapted to the specific tools and techniques used. Information about chemicals used in the workshops can be found in our online database "Eco-Online".

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Visitors to the Workshops

The workshops at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts are meant for students and staff to produce works as part of their studies and research (KUF). In general only staff and students from KHiO - including part time teachers - have access to the workshops, but there are some exceptions to this rule. Some workshops do work on commission, and some staff members may invite assistants or collaborators to work with them on research projects. Such assistants must have completed a safety course and/or be approved by the workshop master. Access for visitors must be accounted for and approved by a staff member, and access for other reasons than those given here must be approved by the workshop master, or in some cases - by the Director.

Staff members may not use the workshops for their own private projects, and they may not invite others to use the workshops for anything not directly related to studies or research.

Safety Courses

Workshop masters regularly hold safety courses, and in most workshops it is mandatory to attend such a course in order to gain access. During these courses students are taught how to use machines and equipment in a safe and proper manner, health and safety rules and regulations, and some basic knowledge about the materials used in the workshop.

Most courses are organized in collaboration with the various departments, and information about the courses, the schedule and how and when to sign up is sent out directly from the department to their own students. The calendar for all courses can be found in Timeedit. Contact your department directly for information about how to sign up. If you wish to attend a course organized by a different department, contact them directly for information about available seats.

Some workshops also organize weekly courses where you can sign up directly with the workshop master. Information about such courses are found on the webpage of each workshop.

In the Sculpture/Moldmaking workshop no safety course is required, and students may contact the workshop master individually to get help with your specific projects.


Activities in the workshops vary, and some times it may be full or access may be limited. It is therefore important to plan use of the workshops in relation to safety-courses and tuition. For special requirements the Workshop Master, or the Head of Student Workshops, should be consulted well ahead of the project.

Booking for students and staff

In certain workshops rooms or resources can be booked directly by students and staff. Information about this is given in the safety-course.

Booking for tuition

Tuition by teaching staff that is part of a study-program is planned on a yearly basis. When the calendar is fixed all further activities must be approved by the Head of Student Workshops.

Research and PhD

In general, PhD candidates and staff working on research (KUF) have the same access to the workshops as students. To gain access they must either complete a safety course or otherwise be approved by the Workshop Master. PhD candidates and staff may sometimes apply to access the workshops when they are otherwise closed, such as during holidays. Routines are described in detail in the following links.

Students from AHO

Students from AHO may access the CNC workshop at KHiO by appointment with the workshop master. More info on the workshop webpage.

Access to other workshops can sometimes be arranged by appointment. Such a visit must be coordinated by contact between workshop masters from AHO and KHIO.

Information for workshop masters and staff