Heidi Marian Haraldsen

Heidi Marian Haraldsen is Assistant Professor in Education and Head of the teacher certification program "Educational theory and practice in dance and theatre" at KHiO. Haraldsen is also manager of the course Pedagogy, Evaluation and Supervision in Art Education. At KHiO she has taught and worked with research in art education since 2008. Heidi has a bachelor's degree in Dance from Statens balletthøgskole (now the Academy of Dance at KHiO). She has long experience as an artist, practicing as a dance teacher, choreographer, and dancer. For instance, Haraldsen has toured in the national program Den kulturelle skolesekken (the cultural schoolbag), work with dance for camera projects, done artistic community project in local regions, and been artistic leader of a youth dance company. Heidi completed her cand. ed. degree at the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Oslo with a dissertation of aesthetic education and aesthetic learning. She has also worked as editor and co-author for teaching materials in dance subjects through the book series Scenetreff. Heidi is on a 75% leave from autumn 2015 to spring 2019 to finish her doctoral thesis on talent development at the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences. Her research is within performance psychology and concerns the role of personal and environmental characteristics on elite youth performers' quality of motivation, performance and mental health.