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Camille Norment has been hired for a four-year term as prorector for research. Photo: Herman Dreyer
Camille Norment has been hired for a four-year term as prorector for research. Photo: Herman Dreyer

Promoting Artistic Research at KHiO

Camille Norment was hired as acting prorector for research towards the end of the 2020 spring semester and assumed the position on 1 August. After extending her contract for a further two years, she will now help strengthen the artistic research being carried out at the Academy.

Camille Norment has already helped organise the Artistic Research Week at KHiO, and after extending her contract she will continue to facilitate various artistic practices and artistic research at the school.

According to Norment, “Artistic research is one of the activities at KHiO that creates a community among all the creative disciplines and provides a unified platform for the various specialised fields. These special forms of knowledge are invaluable for understanding and developing our human experiences. I look forward to continuing to work together with KHiO’s researchers to ensure that our artistic research helps advance culture and society on the frontiers of knowledge.”

Happy with Norment’s recruitment

Acting rector Markus Degerman says that the recruitment of Norment for the next two years will provide both structure and substance to research-based work at KHiO as an academic institution.

“In my previous role as dean of the Art and Craft department, and now as acting rector, I have seen how Camille Norment has worked as the acting prorector for research,” Degerman says. “That is why I’m extremely happy that KHiO recruited her. Her previous work at the Academy shows that artistic research at this institution will continue to develop as a relevant entity and on the basis of the Academy’s grounding in artistic practice.”

Degerman also notes that KHiO is a complex institution, one whose miscellaneous departments are rooted in structures of artistic education that focus greatly on practice-oriented work in a mix of venues, such as studios, workshops and stages.

“At the same time, KHiO – after having relatively recently been certified as a specialised university [i.e. vitenskapelig høgskole in the Norwegian higher education system] – has now become part of a sector that has far greater expectations of the activities being geared towards research,” he adds. “The position of prorector for research would be a challenge for anyone, given that it requires good listening skills, familiarity with the various departments, and not least insight into the field of artistic research. In my view, Camille Norment has truly shown that she possesses those qualities she’ll need in her efforts to strengthen KHiO’s research communities, and I have every confidence in her efforts in this field going forward.”