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Tiril Schrøder

Tiril Schrøder is a Norwegian drawer and painter (b. 1969) based in Oslo. She is educated in the art academies in Oslo, Hamburg and Copenhagen, and graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1998 and is the holder of degrees in art practice as well as in art theory. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, has a number of public assignments, and also experience as curator, public art consultant and writer. Her work is represented in the collections of The National Gallery in Oslo and in The Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo.

Schrøders production is based in the world of fiction and consequently comic books, cinema, and the virtual world inspire and inform her works. In her subjects and in her rendering of them, versatility is shown through compositions of smaller drawings as well as large mural works, where the image defies its boundaries and incorporates the surrounding space.

Research results

  • Tiril Schrøder: 'Print Matters III' (2022).
    Art exhibition. More information
  • Tiril Schrøder: Split Practices, The Island, Bristol, UK (2022).
    Art exhibition. More information
  • Victoria Rowena Browne, Karen Disen, Jan Stefan Pettersson, Erik Solheim, Tiril Schrøder & Bror Mikkelborg: Print Matters III (2022).
    Art exhibition. More information
  • Tiril Schrøder: Å se fremover gjennom bakvinduet- separatutstilling av Tiril Schrøder (2022).
    Art exhibition. More information
  • Tiril Schrøder: Re-tellings- looking for the future through the rear window (2022).
    Chapter. More information
  • Tiril Schrøder: Between the pen and the line. -Digital drawing and the feeling of alienation and distance (2022).
    Academic lecture. More information
  • Tiril Schrøder: Follobanen Ski stasjon- Koros nyhetsbrev (2022).
    Interview. More information
  • Tiril Schrøder: Har du ikke sett nye Ski stasjon? - Sjekk denne bildeserien (2022).
    Interview. More information
  • Tiril Schrøder: (2022).
    Interview. More information
  • Tiril Schrøder: "Se video av avdukingen av kunstverket på Ski stasjon", Østlandet Blad 11-8-2022 video om utsmykking på SKi stasjon (2022).
    Interview. More information