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Susanne Winterling

Research results

  • Susanne Winterling: Underland Chapter 1: EMOTIONS ARE OCEANS (2022).
    Art exhibition. More information
  • Susanne Winterling: NODE L.E.A.P. (2022).
    Art exhibition. More information
  • Susanne Winterling: A threshold-game of proximity, cluster and heat (2022).
    Art exhibition. More information
  • Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay & Susanne Winterling: Science Fictionality and the dependence on other species (2022).
    Academic chapter/article/Conference paper. More information
  • Susanne Winterling: Pandora's Box (2022).
    Academic anthology/Conference proceedings. More information
  • Britt Kramvig, Susanne Winterling & Jana Winderen: A collaborative listening with the humpback, the currents and the biomass (2022).
    Academic lecture. More information
  • Susanne Winterling: Sensing Nature (2021).
    Art exhibition. More information
  • Susanne Winterling: TEMPERATE – under your skin, nanocarriers directed through the web of life (2021).
    Art exhibition. More information
  • Sara R. Yazdani & Susanne Winterling: Magical Works, Grey Ecologies and Affect: On Complement for Company (skyline and skin) (2021).
    Chapter. More information
  • Sara R. Yazdani & Susanne M. Winterling: Toxic Environments, Sensitivities, and Planetary Times (2018).
    Academic article. More information